creepy food week begins!

Today is the first day of our Third Annual Creepy Food Week! My family has been vibrating in anticipation of their favorite week of the year (or so they tell me) and very excited about what creepy food I will place before them this year. What is Creepy Food Week you ask? Muah-ha-ha-ha, let me tell you!

Two years ago I was inspired by a magazine layout of creepy sandwiches. It was my eldest daughter’sgrade 1 year which meant it was my first year packing lunches and  I loved packing lunchtime surprises. I would leave her love notes and messages, but it was October and I was inspired and I had a hand cookie cutter. I went in search of new and exciting creepy foods to make for her lunches, but found that most of the creepy foods were sandwiches and desserts! 

Every year there is an incredible seletion of creepy sandwich and dessert ideas for crafty mama’s to bake and create for their families, but I really wanted creepy dinner foods. I finally found a few magaines that featured creepy dinner foods and by the time the week before Halloween rolled around, I had a full weeklong menu ofcreepy food to surprise my family.

I still remember that very first meal (Googly-Eyed Tacos) and the shock on my daughter’s face (she actually jumped back a step!) when she discovered her food had eyes! That first reaction and the excitement everyday afterwards started a family tradition. Now each year, the week leading up to Halloween is Creepy Food Week!

This year I have some fabulous new creepy food ideas, and a couple old favorites from the past two years. But tonight was the first night of creepy food.

We have been renovating our basement and have been working on it all day, so I needed a quick and easy creepy meal tonight. Thanks to the Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween Magazine I was reading over the weekend, I am full of inspiration!

Tonight’s meal: The Monster Monster Sandwich with Pet Spider

The Monster-Monster Sandwich and Pet Spider

The Monster Sandwich

The Monster-Monster Sandwich is made out of a full loaf of calabrese bread, filled with a variety of deli meats, cheese, a dash of herbed olive and vinegar and a spritz of mustard. His eyes are made of fresh mozzarella balls and green olive with pimento slices, with a red pepper tongue. The arms and legs are made of pepperoni sticks with colossal black olive shoes.

Pet Spider

Pet Spider is a spoonful of veggie dip with carrot legs and black olive eyes. Yes our girls love black olives!

My daughter’s response when she walked into the dining room was to stop dead, quietly gasp, then say “oh wow, that is amazing!”

Welcome to Creepy Food Week!

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  1. Phantasma says:

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait how much creepier the week gets!!! Oooooh… Scary!!!!!!! 😉

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