wonderland part 2 – sweet’s galore at the mad hatter’s tea

Welcome to Wonderland Part 2 – Sweet’s Galore at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! I have some beautiful pictures of the tea party for you today, but if you missed yesterday’s introduction and launch of my daughter’s Wonderland party, scoot on over for the party overview, you don’t want to miss the party pictures.

I have so many wonderful pictures of this party for you, but today we’ll focus on the tea. I had so much fun putting the tea party together. Months of propping and two days of baking have led to many exclamations of “mama, I love my party” from my daughter and endless descriptions of her tea party and requests for her party again. I knew she was in love when on the evening of her party, almost sleep on my lap after a day of sweets and play, with her eyes closed she whispered “mama, I love my party”. Can you see my heart pumping through my chest with love for my girl? Sigh.

Well, let’s get to the details!

I spent the months leading up to the party scouring thrift stores for tea pots. Just the right pastel and flowered tea pots to house all the cold and warm teas for the table. They also had to match the blue Depression-era glass items (cake stand, vase, serving dish) I already had in my collection because for some reason, I just had to start from the blue glass. Along the way I came across some beautiful fancy jugs and a mug in the perfect shade of green that I had to include on the table.

I also wanted to include some Alice in Wonderland imagery on the table for the children and adults, like the teapot in the shape of the White Rabbit’s house which was used to serve milk for the tea, a tea cup with the tree Alice fell asleep under just before she started her adventure in Wonderland, the White Rabbit’s pocket watch (I’m late!) which decorated the blue vase filled with candy flowers.  All scattered around the table in such a way that each child has access to everything they needed for the perfect tea without having to reach over their neighbour.

And since my daughter loves delicate pink flowers, I had to include a couple bouquets of pink carnations to add a special girlie touch to the tea. Don’t all tea parties have flowers?

This lovely two-tier stand was a DIY project. I recycled the rid and handle from an old two-tier stand and used a  set of matching serving plates covered in peonies. Peonies on china, I have never before seen peonies on china! So very excited by my new tiered stand, so excited! It complements my collection of mis-matched tea cups and saucers perfectly!

Can you see the White Rabbit’s house?

Remember the scene in the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland when Alice runs into the White Rabbit’s house to find his gloves? Well, in the White Rabbit’s bedroom Alice finds a box filled with cookies decorated with the message ‘Eat me’. She eats one and starts to grow and grow until she can’t fit inside the tiny house any longer.  I wanted to include those cookies into the table as well, so I made a batch of sugar cookies decorated with pastel coloured fondant. Some plain and some with the words ‘Eat me’ written on them using a Wilton fondant writer.

I also wanted to include the caterpillar’s mushroom into the tea party. As luck would have it, I remembered a post on Sweetapolita showing some beautiful mushroom cookies she had made for her daughter’s birthday and by a stroke of luck, I found a vintage mushroom shaped cookie cutter at a local thrift shop about a week after reading her post. See those pink and white mushroom cookies? Inspired by the story and Sweetapolita. Can I say here how very much I love playing with fondant?

My daughter’s and I used our pink Babycakes Cupcake Maker to make all the mini cupcakes. Can I say just how fun it was using our Babycakes? We were all giggling with delight at how fast it was to make them! Seriously, we used all our cake batter before we were ready to stop! Once cooled, they were iced with a star tip in soft pastel icing, delicate and girlie.

There was a selection of cake truffles and petit fours covered in pastel chocolate candy coating, then sprinkled with tiny white non pareils. The petit fours were sprinkly with white non pareils and a single flower quin for a bit of pretty variety.

Always wanting to carry a theme through every aspect of the party, I used the vintage lock party circles from the Wonderland printable collection to decorate some of the mini cupcakes at the tea party. I just love how the sweets coordinated so beautifully with the printables collection. I get giddy about that kind of perfection in colour matching.


Did you enjoy this look at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party? I loved creating this tea party and loved sharing it with you! Please let me know what you think of the party in the comments below. Seriously, I would love to hear from you!

If you love the printable set, it is available in my Etsy shop! And don’t forget to come back tomorrow for part 3, a look at the Queen of Hearts’ Royal Garden.

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2 Responses to “wonderland part 2 – sweet’s galore at the mad hatter’s tea”

  1. Carole says:

    Love this party! Such a delicate representation of Alice in Wonderland. My family has an annual over-the-top themed Halloween party, which involves planned character choices and costumes. We did a Mad Hatter tea party in 2009, but on my limited student budget… it didn’t turn out even close to as cute as yours! Not to mention the dress-up aspect adding some undeniable tackiness, hehe.

  2. Tracey says:

    Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting!! I’m so glad you liked it! I had so much fun putting it together! I am already planning more petit fours and sweets, too fun and too pretty. We are a family that loves Halloween too!!! Oh the darkness of a Mad Tea for Halloween, exquisite! Especially with costumes and glitter. We love costume parties, I don’t think we (as in society in general) throw them often enough. I am already working out ideas for Halloween too 🙂

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