stuffed bats

Staying in the Halloween crafting spirit, I have another bit of crafty goodness for your Halloween party. Stuffed bats!

Inspired by these Handmade Surprise Balls made by Chara of Love, Me Boutique (which I think are brilliant), needing something for my Fang-tastic printable, and I’m on a bit of a treat packages kick right now (you saw the Ghostly Goodies from yesterday, yes?), and I was looking around the studio and thinking “what can I do with all these black crepe paper streamers?” Yup, a variety of circumstances led to me to stuffed bats. It’s amazing how the world works.

Just like yesterday, these are super simple to make, and a lot of fun. All you need is black crepe paper streamers, the Fang-tastic DIY Printable Party collection OR a set of bat wings, white paper, glue, and a selection of Halloween treats!

Lay out a bit of streamer, place your first candy and start to roll into a ball.

Roll and wrap the streamer around the treat until it is completely covered.

Add your next treat or sweet and continue wrapping.

Keep adding sweets and treats until your bat is a good size, then secure the end with glue to keep all the treats inside the bat.

Cut out your bat wings and secure to the back of the bat with glue.

Cut out two triangles from the white paper, glue them on the front so the vampire bat has vampire teeth. And there you have a stuffed bat!

Fill up a table with these and your guests will go batty! Ha ha, ha. NO, seriously, I’d like to see an entire table filled with these stuffed packages. I think it would look awesomesauce, an army of vampire bats ready to take off. Awesome.

Will you be making some creepy treat packages for Halloween?

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