creepy food week begins!

Here it is! Our 4th Annual Creepy Food Week! My family has been eagerly awaiting this week all month, nay all year! As soon as one ends they look forward to the next, and it started tonight!

If this is your first time visiting, or your first time hearing about Creepy Food Week, let me fill you in. Creepy Food Week is an annual Halloween celebration in our house. The week leading up to Halloween is Creepy Food Week where our dinners each night are delightfully creepy concoctions made by moi. Check our last year’s post about the history behind Creepy Food Week. For now, let’s get on with Creepy Food Week!

Tonight’s dinner: Bird Pie

I have always wanted to make Bird Pie. It’s been on my list of creepy food for the past two years and this year I had the perfect opportunity to make it when I found a turkey digging through my peony bushes.

That just won’t do I thought so I ran outside with my tube of Super Hug-Me-Tight glue, slathered it all over my hands and grabbed for that bird! Now let me tell you, that bird fought! In all the ruckus it whacked its’ head off the door jamb and promptly knocked itself out. Thank goodness I had already rolled out the dough for an apple pie because I had to work fast, you know, before it woke up.

So I threw that bird in the pie dish, luckily I only tore out a few feathers wrenching my hands off  the bird. Let me tell you, that glue is hard to get off, it is Super Hug-Me-Tight glue after all and it hugged tight to my hands. I suppose that’s a good thing, no glue in the bird pie.

Anyway, I threw some carrots, potatoes, peas and cream into that pie dish, and quickly threw the pie crust on top. But wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I sealed the pie crust that bird woke up and thrust its feet through the top and started kicking its feet! All in all I didn’t mind as I didn’t get a chance to cut vents in the pie crust to release the steam during cooking. Lucky me, that smart bird took care of it.

Since it started flailing around, I popped that bird pie in the oven and an hour later, Bird Pie!

Ah well that’s the story I told my daughter as we sat down to eat, or something like it. Really, truly it is a simple turkey pot pie made from turkey soup leftovers and homemade pie crust, with some dough bird feet on top. Simple, home cooking with a creepy twist.

It’s pretty tame as far as creepy food goes, but it seriously creeped out my daughter. I think it was the simplicity of the bird feet sticking out the top. The look on her face was priceless. And I swear to you, the story I told my daughter was no where near as elaborate as the story I just told you. I really just think that bet things in life are simple and sweet, or simply creepy.

I hope you enjoyed our first night of creepy food. Are you going to make some creepy food this week?

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