Freebies | You’re a Smartie Valentine!

We are still deciding on valentine’s in our house. My girls are not so sure about what they would like too hand out for Valentine’s Day, but they do know it should involve candy!

I’ve put together a few different ideas for them, and for you. And all of them involve candy.

My girls love Smarties TM.  Most of my American friends may be missing out on these little discs of candy coated chocolate as I don’t believe they are sold south of the border. I had a love affair with them when I was a girl, much like my girls do now. I would drop a handful into a glass of milk and stir, stir, stir until the candy coating dissolved into my milk, leaving me with pink milk and clean discs of chocolate. So our first valentine idea incorporated Smarties TM.

Yes mom, you’re a smartie for finding a way to add Smarties TM to our valentines!

So this one is for my Canadian friends whose children love Smarties TM! These valentines are easy to put together, but it may take you about an hour while you watch your favorite evening drama. Get an assembly line going, punch-thread-tie and you’ll be done in no time!

All you need is the You’re a SMARTIE Valentines (available free on Scribd), scissors (to cut out the valentines, not pictured), a hole punch, twine or string, a repositionable glue stick and a bag of the mini boxes of Smarties TM.

Place your box of Smarties on the card and punch two circles using your hole punch, one on either side of the box. If your hole punch can’t reach the bottom hole, simply press the tip of a pair of scissors into the paper to make a little cut, then push the tip of a pen or lollipop stick through the cut to make a clean hole.

Thread some twine or string through the holes.

Swipe a little glue onto the back of the Smarties TM box, then place it on the valentine between the two holes. The glue gives the box extra sticking power. We don’t want your kidlet to find all the boxes of Smarties TM have slipped off their valentines on the way to school. Heartbreak.

Tie a bow around the Smarties TM and your smart valentines are ready for school!

Ideally, have your children address and sign the valentines before you get your craft on, it is much easier that way.

You can get the You’re a SMARTIE Valentines here on Scribd (Sorry, this printable is no longer available.)

My girls haven’t decided if these will be their valentines this year, but I would love to hear from you if it’s going to be your child’s valentine!

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  2. Tina says:


    I was wondering about your “smartie” valentines…I was hoping to use them for my son’s pre-school class (I had already bought the little box of smarties and came across your valentine and thought “how perfect!’) but when I went to the link to download it, it says how “The document “Youre a SMARTIE Valentines” has been deleted.” I was wondering why that was? I was able to click the 4 block picture of it and save it on my computer that way….I was just hoping that that would be alright and if I could use it anyway…look forward to hearing back from you.

    Thanks again

  3. Tracey says:

    Hi Tina,

    Sorry about that! I have been revisiting and retiring some of my old designs and that was one of the older printables I retired. You most definitely can use it, but let me send you the PDF so it will print out properly for you!


  4. Megan Godi says:

    Can you please send it to me too?

  5. Marissa says:

    Could you send it to me as well. I know you may not get this in time for tomorrow, but I used it last year and will probably use it in the future.


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