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Valentine’s Day is a sweet and simple affair around here. There is lots of love in the air, heart shaped boxes full of everyones favorite home baked goodies and love notes. I truly believe that some of the most memorable expressions of love are also the simplest expressions of love. And that’s where this new collection came from, a simple expression of love.

More Than Chocolate, the abbreviated form of  ‘I love you more than chocolate’ is a set comprised of just three simple items, note cards, mini chocolate bar wrappers and treat bag toppers. It doesn’t matter if the treat bag is filled with mini wrapped chocolates or with home baked chocolate chip cookies.

As long as it’s paired with as many love notes as you need to express just how much you love your love.

I love you more than my Blackberry. I love you more than gumballs. I love you more than pain au chocolat! Leave love notes scattered throughout the house for your love to find on Valentine’s Day. Fill a box with a stack of I love you more than… note cards for your love to savor. Or set a lovely table for a home cooked Valentine’s Day meal and place note cards and heart chocolates on each plate.

Head on over to my Etsy to grab your More Than Chocolate Collection. 

It’s available now and it’s only $5.00. Little cost for big love!

Grab it now and I’ll love you more than gumballs! Aaah who am I kidding, I already love you more than gumballs.

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