Some of my favorite crafty teacher gift ideas

So, I still can’t decide on teacher gifts and I’m running out of time! We do try to give our teachers a homemade gift when we can, a little something from our home to show our thanks and appreciation. Jars of pickles or jam, usually with a gift card for Starbucks or Tim Hortons thrown in.

This year I was thinking a crocheted dish cloth with a bottle of all natural cleaning spray. Is that odd?

Maybe a crocheted face cloth with a bar of handmade soap like this one via Kundhi?

Maybe a jar of homemade lemon sugar scrub via The Beauty Department. Perfect for sloughing the skin and keeping that tan dewy and smooth. With a crocheted facecloth, of course.

I really love the idea of making a bottle of homemade vanilla via Bethany Actually. This would make a beautiful gift any time of year.

I was thinking of putting together some custom stationery and book plates. Hmmm, what to do, what to do. What are your favorite crafty teacher gifts?

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