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Crocheted with love


Sometimes I look down while working on my daughter’s afghan and this is what I see.

crocheted with loveMade with love. Always.

It’s been a long time…


A very long time. Just over a year and one too many family emergencies/crises behind us. Thank goodness.

I’m back. Not back everyday or five days a week, but back to posting a little bit of crafty goodness as the crafty goodness happens. There will be some little changes around here, some tabs will go missing, printable parties will be moving to instant downloadable versions only, and some will be retired for good. I am moving on from the full-time crafty lifestyle and pursuing my true life purpose. So my little part of the crafty pie is going back to the perfect and lovely hobby that it has always been.

For now, I am crocheting like crazy! I have a rainbow afghan to finish for Christmas.

rainbow afghan

It’s nice to back. I look forward to sharing crafty goodness with you. Again.

Crafty Goodness | Family Tree Embroidery Pattern


I am a little in love with this sweet family tree embroidery pattern.

The perfect fall project.

Get it at Cozy Blue on Etsy.

Crafty Goodness | Fish Scale Globe


I think this fish scale pendant lamp is amazing! This crafty DIY would be perfect for decorating paper globe lanterns as well. They would lovely hanging over the table at a party with an Under the Sea theme, don’t you think?

Tutorial to make your own fish scale globe over at Design*Sponge.

Some of my favorite crafty teacher gift ideas


So, I still can’t decide on teacher gifts and I’m running out of time! We do try to give our teachers a homemade gift when we can, a little something from our home to show our thanks and appreciation. Jars of pickles or jam, usually with a gift card for Starbucks or Tim Hortons thrown in.

This year I was thinking a crocheted dish cloth with a bottle of all natural cleaning spray. Is that odd?

Maybe a crocheted face cloth with a bar of handmade soap like this one via Kundhi?

Maybe a jar of homemade lemon sugar scrub via The Beauty Department. Perfect for sloughing the skin and keeping that tan dewy and smooth. With a crocheted facecloth, of course.

I really love the idea of making a bottle of homemade vanilla via Bethany Actually. This would make a beautiful gift any time of year.

I was thinking of putting together some custom stationery and book plates. Hmmm, what to do, what to do. What are your favorite crafty teacher gifts?

Crafty Goodness | Poolside Roll Up


I am loving this handmade roll up. And get out, it’s made from bath towels! Perfect for the pool yes, but I am all over bringing this to the beach. I wonder if I have time to whip one of these up for the weekend.

Want to make one? Check out the tutorial over on Design*Sponge.

Crafty Goodness | Wrapped Flatware


A lovely way to jazz up your silverware with a little colour. Wrap in embroidery floss, hold in place with little dots of glue. A pop of colour and a sweet texture for your fingers to hold onto. Love that placemat.  Full deets over at A Fabulous Fete.

Pirate Party Cupcakes


I just found the cutest Neverland-Inspired Pirate Party on Hostess with the Mostess. What caught my eye about this party were these super cute pirate ship cupcakes.

When I designed the Mast Style Party Flags for my new Pirate Party DIY Printable Party last month, there were two ways I envisioned using the mast style flags. I really wanted to use them as masts for a fleet of paper boats, like this one:

And as cupcake flags to turn a tray of cupcakes into a fleet of pirate ships! I am totally wishing my nephews were young enough to still want a pirate party.

Are you planning a pirate party? Want to create a fleet of pirate ships using paper boats or cupcakes? Grab my set of Pirate Party Flags in my Etsy shop for quick and easy pirate ship building!

The drape of a garland


In Sweet Paul’s brilliant magazine, there is a sweet garland made of paper straws. As sweet as it is, it is not so much the paper straws that I love, as it is the drape of the garland that has caught my eye. The styling of this shot, I simply love it.

Easter Crafting


Oh my goodness Easter is less than a week away! I did finish all my shopping last week, so this week I can focus on Easter crafting! Starting with an old family favorite… that didn’t quite happen.

I bought all the supplies: cheese balls, green ribbon, green tissue. The clear, disposable piping bags I already had on hand (we all know I love my piping bag crafts). Then in a moment filled with feelings of inadequacy, I opened those cheese balls and ate them! Well, I shared some with the girls, but I ate them. This is no sad loss, as I was not the only crafty mama who had plans to make piping bag carrots.

I am loving the Goldfish crackers in these “carrots” made by Party On! Event Planning and Design. Goldfish work perfectly! And I do love those tags.

I love making these Easter carrots as gifts for my girls, nephews and nieces as an alternative to chocolate and jelly beans (truth be told, I really dislike most jelly beans. I am a solid Jelly Belly Beans girl!). They offer a little savory amongst a world of sweet, and they are perfect for portable snacking. Perfect for those Easter parties in the classroom, yes?

I will have to get more cheese balls… or Goldfish.