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Celebrating | Mother’s Day


I have completely dropped the ball on Mother’s Day goodies and crafts this year. I’m not even sure how it came to be Friday already! Really? Friday? Mother’s Day is two days away? This was my realization today, why did I think it was Thursday? I must start preparing for Sunday.

Honestly, for me, preparing for Sunday isn’t going to take very long. Our Mother’s Day celebrations are very simple. No big brunch, just the yearly ritual of breakfast in bed with my girls and lots of snuggles and giggles. A ritual I look forward to every year! I don’t think we’ll ever host a Mothers Day brunch as long as my girls want to snuggle in bed with me over pancakes and coffee and handmade cards. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I like the magic of simple. Of course, I adore and love the quiet time, the clean house, and the trips to the spa, but even without those gifts of love and appreciation, I already feel like one lucky and blessed mama. Every day, every single day, my girls and I express our love for each other. We leave each other love notes, pick flowers, hug and snuggle. There is no doubt that I am very loved. My youngest must deplete the paper supply in her kindergarten classroom professing her love to me in notes and drawings. Those notes and drawings make everyday feel like Mother’s Day. They are free-form, honest and brimming with love with every letter and flower and every heart. Beautiful.

Every few years one of my girls hands me a card they made at school. I have always loved the fill-in-the-blank cards. And that’s what inspired this card, my new freebie for Mother’s Day. My eldest daughter brought home a card like this so many years ago. I kept that card. It was beautiful. Her preschool printing, the honest love, being able to read those things that were most important to my daughter at that time. The things she remembered and held dear. Magical.

And that dear reader, is what I wish for you. That moment when you sit quietly with tears rolling down your smiling face as you read what your child holds most dear, all the ways in which they think you’re amazing. Because tears will flow when you see how amazing you are in the eyes of your child. Please tell me I am not the only one who tears up at moments like this. Please?

I also think there is nothing in the world quite like a personalized card, for any occasion. So forward this to your partner, or just leave this page open on your computer for a little while, so they can head over to Scrib’d and download these fill-in-the blank Mother’s Day cards. And have a fabulously, beautiful Mother’s Day.

Freebies | Retired + St. Patrick’s Day


I have been working on some re-organizing and designing some new collections. I have so many new designs in the works right now, initial designs complete and they are just waiting to be pieced together. Waiting, waiting for me to finish the contract work I’ve been doing, and then waiting again until after March Break since my family and I will be heading to Florida for the week. Oh I cannot say how very much I am looking forward to sun and sand and the blissful tropical heat of South Florida! Cannot wait!

But today, I wanted to let you know that I have retired some of my old freebies over on Scrib’d. Mostly older designs that have enjoyed their time and were ready to say goodbye. Goodbye to the old and hello to some newer, updated designs to come. So if you head over there, you will notice fewer offerings for the time being.

If you haven’t visited the freebies in a while, you may want to head on over and grab the St. Patty’s Day Party Circles! They are ready and waiting for your St.Patrick’s Day celebrations!

I don’t know what we’ll be doing for St. Patty’s Day, maybe swimming and green smoothies. What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day? Green beer and an Irish jig?

Freebies | I Like You More Than Chocolate


My eldest daughter has been talking about possibly, maybe, giving out mini chocolate bars to her classmates for Valentine’s Day. Or maybe the Smarties. It’s a struggle. I put together a cute pink eyelet valentine, but I suspect maybe it’s too cute and pretty for a 9yo happy little goth girl?

My youngest loved this one too, so I thought it would be perfect to share with you. Just in case you have some girlie girls who love pink and chocolate! There is ample room to place a mini chocolate bar (I buy mine in bulk) and for all kidlets to address and sign their name, even the kindergarteners new to printing.

Have your kidlet address and sign all the valentines first, then attach the chocolate bars. If you need help, just follow this simple tutorial.

You can get the I like you more than CHOCOLATE Valentines for free on Scribd!

And don’t worry, we didn’t forget the boys. There’s a less girlie version in brown and red just for them 🙂

Freebies | I’m A Sucker For You Valentine!


So it looks like my youngest daughter has decided she would like to give out lollipops for Valentines day. It really is all about the lollipops for her, especially the heart shaped lollipops we found just for the occasion. So lollipop covers were created, first for my new Sweet Love Collection, and then a second time according to my daughters’ specs. So we thought we’d offer a lollipop freebie to you, just in case your kidlets are loving the lollipop too.

“I’m a sucker for you Valentine!” on the front and space to address/sign on the back. 

Have your kidlets address and sign before you start to wrap the lollipops. It’s next to impossible to write on a lollipop. And if you’ve never before wrapped lollipops using my lollipop covers, it’s super easy. Check out this tutorial for instructions from last year’s free Easter printables.

You can get the I’m a sucker for you Valentines here on Scribd!


Who are you a sucker for?

Freebies | You’re a Smartie Valentine!


We are still deciding on valentine’s in our house. My girls are not so sure about what they would like too hand out for Valentine’s Day, but they do know it should involve candy!

I’ve put together a few different ideas for them, and for you. And all of them involve candy.

My girls love Smarties TM.  Most of my American friends may be missing out on these little discs of candy coated chocolate as I don’t believe they are sold south of the border. I had a love affair with them when I was a girl, much like my girls do now. I would drop a handful into a glass of milk and stir, stir, stir until the candy coating dissolved into my milk, leaving me with pink milk and clean discs of chocolate. So our first valentine idea incorporated Smarties TM.

Yes mom, you’re a smartie for finding a way to add Smarties TM to our valentines!

So this one is for my Canadian friends whose children love Smarties TM! These valentines are easy to put together, but it may take you about an hour while you watch your favorite evening drama. Get an assembly line going, punch-thread-tie and you’ll be done in no time!

All you need is the You’re a SMARTIE Valentines (available free on Scribd), scissors (to cut out the valentines, not pictured), a hole punch, twine or string, a repositionable glue stick and a bag of the mini boxes of Smarties TM.

Place your box of Smarties on the card and punch two circles using your hole punch, one on either side of the box. If your hole punch can’t reach the bottom hole, simply press the tip of a pair of scissors into the paper to make a little cut, then push the tip of a pen or lollipop stick through the cut to make a clean hole.

Thread some twine or string through the holes.

Swipe a little glue onto the back of the Smarties TM box, then place it on the valentine between the two holes. The glue gives the box extra sticking power. We don’t want your kidlet to find all the boxes of Smarties TM have slipped off their valentines on the way to school. Heartbreak.

Tie a bow around the Smarties TM and your smart valentines are ready for school!

Ideally, have your children address and sign the valentines before you get your craft on, it is much easier that way.

You can get the You’re a SMARTIE Valentines here on Scribd (Sorry, this printable is no longer available.)

My girls haven’t decided if these will be their valentines this year, but I would love to hear from you if it’s going to be your child’s valentine!

Hello 2012


My kidlets are still home on winter break, so my work days are more crafty fun than work. In between games and crafts however, I am planning. Planning for 2012. New designs, new ideas, new fun! So I whipped up this simple calendar, with lots of daily note space to help me keep things straight.

I am juggling a few different things right now and I need all the helpers I can make! As I’m sure you are and do too! So I put this little calendar of mine up on Scrib’d for you, just in case you need something to help you keep track of it all.

I am looking forward to 2012 in this space, developing my voice + style, expanding my product line and designs in the shop, and sharing lots of crafty goodness with you. Thank you for all the love in 2011 (I really do appreciate and love your comments and support!) and hello 2012. It’s going to be a loverly year!

Grab your calendar on Scrib’d!

Candy Christmas Gingersnap Cookie Recipe Cards


Earlier this week my girls and I made one of our favorite cookies, my homemade gingersnaps. Sometimes I call them Ginger Crinkles because the top crinkles and glistens with sugar after they are baked.

I meant to take pictures all week, but with so much holiday crafting and blogging going on, pictures just never happened. Yesterday we were down to three cookies, so I grabbed them, set them up to snap a few shots, and made the mistake of walking away to grab the recipe card, when I came back to the sound of two giggling girls and this:

An empty plate. Nothing but crumbs. I barely got a bite as they slipped the last little pieces into their mouths. So my plan to take a picture of these lovely, decadent, crinkly, gingersnap cookies with the recipe card was just not meant to be.I really wanted to show you how amazingly yummy these cookies look, so you know what you’re getting when you download the gingersnap recipe card I put up on Scribd for you. But all you get is this:

A plate of crumbs and a lovely recipe card for super yummy gingersnaps that I just can’t seem to keep around for very long.  Believe me, they are well worth the surprise.

If you’re doing some holiday baking this weekend, you just may want to download this recipe card. Keep one for yourself and share one with a friend. They’ll thank you for it!

Freebies | Treat Box Covers + Pistachio Fudge Recipe


Do you give homemade foodie gifts for Christmas? I am a regular food gifter. Almost always homemade. Whenever gifting, I always try to include one non-edible item and one edible item. Something yummy, a little decadent. Something the receiver may not purchase for themselves or give themselves the time to make no matter how much they enjoy it. And over the years I have found that with every gift I give, it is always the edible portion that elicits the squeals of delight.

Every Christmas I make a batch of my grandmother’s shortbread for my dad. Before she passed away, my Grandma would make shortbread every Christmas. I miss her so very much and making her shortbread every year helps keep  her close. It is a tradition I am proud to uphold, and it makes my dad very happy to have his mom’s shortbread every Christmas. It’s nice to have a part of her with us every year.

For my honey, I make gingersnap cookies and snickerdoodles. They have always been my favorite cookies, and ever since I introduced them to him, they have been his favorite too.

For myself and my girls, I make my marshmallow squares. Heavenly, melt in your mouth goodness. You can never eat just one.

For friends, I make my pistchio fudge. Although it is not a traditional fudge, it is more of a candy fudge, it is delightfully smooth, full of raw pistachios and chocolately goodness. I always package my fudge in 5 3/4/” x8 1/4″ tin containers that I pick up at the dollar store. They are two for a $1.00, shiny silver and the perfect size for one batch of fudge. I always add a decorative paper cover to the box for gift giving to give it an extra, handmade and personal touch. This year I’m using the design from my Happy Holidays DIY Printable Party Collection for my treat boxes.

If you are a regular food gifter, you just might want to try out this pistachio fudge. It is quick to make and oh so delish! As an extra special touch, download my free treat box cover over on Scribd and attach it to the top of foil treat box and enjoy the squeals of delight when you gift this yummy treat to your friends and family.

Just print out the treat box cover and trim it to the size of your treat box. They are designed to fit the standard 5 3/4/” x8 1/4″ tin containers, but I centered the design so you have some room to trim if your foil box is a little smaller.

Once the cover is trimmed down to size, you can glue it to the foil box cover or just place it on top.

Once you fold down the edges of the foil container, the cover stays in place, so you don’t have to glue it if you’re in a hurry.

Then you’re ready to gift!

Pop on over to Scribd to grab your treat box cover! Oh and I included a 2 recipe cards for Pistachio Fudge. Keep one for yourself and give one to the friend receiving the fudge, they’ll thank you later.


mini chocolate bar advent calendar + free printable


Every Yule I have the good hearted intention to make a quilted Advent calendar. And every year comes and goes and that sweet little quilted Advent calendar never gets made for lack of time. I really need to put it on the schedule for next year before my girls grow out of the idea. Do you ever grow out of the idea? Hmmm, I wonder. I’m 36 and I still love the countdown! Hmmm.

That is not to say that we go calendar-less. Oh no, and this year is no exception. No quilted version, but there is a printable, chocolate-y version, oh yes!

 This year, I made the girls an Advent calendar using mini chocolate bars. I used Hershey’s holiday edition (mmm, Super Dark Chocolate) and mini wrappers that I designed.

I printed and wrapped 48 bars, tossed them into a candy jar and placed the jar on our hall table. The girls have to sort through the pile each day to find their daily treat, but I think that’s part of the fun.

Since it is the giving season, I want to give you a copy of the wrappers so you can make a quick Advent calendar. The countdown begins tomorrow!

Grab your Christmas Advent Calendar Mini Chocolate Bar Wrappers on Scribd!

oh the things you can do with mini bunting + free printable


Oh it is no secret around here that I love mini bunting! I think there is a universal love for all things itty bitty in little girls, and well, I’m a little girl at heart who loves all things itty bitty. I’m also a mom who loves to celebrate her little girls with little things. So mini bunting is like a match made in heaven! There are just so many things you can do with mini bunting!

Decorate cake with the traditional cake bunting.

Decorate chairs, like I did with this “Birthday Girl” banner on my daughter’s birthday.

Decorate simple note cards for gift giving. (Tutorial coming tomorrow!)

Just so many quick, easy and cute things you can do with mini bunting. But I don’t want to have all the fun, so I’ve created sheets of alphabet and numbers mini bunting in 14 different colourways, for you, for free. I want you to play with a rainbow of bunting too.

You can choose from the 3 colourway collections or grab them all. They’re all up on Scribd.

Grab your mini bunting in pastels on Scribd!

Grab your mini bunting in jewels on Scribd!

Grab your mini bunting in brights on Scribd!

I’d love to hear what you like to do with mini bunting! Or show me! Go download your favorite colourway of my new mini bunting, craft away, take pictures and send them my way. I’ll feature them here on the blog. Oh my goodness I would love that!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a quick tutorial on how to make those mini bunting note cards. Now go get crafting mini bunting lovers!