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Happy Thanksgiving


Pumpkin pie. Turkey. Cranberry jelly. It must be Canadian Thanksgiving weekend! Truth be told, I am the only one in my family who loves turkey (I know, what?!?!), so we’re trying something new this weekend. After the family Thanksgiving of course, which I’m hoping will involve turkey.

Thanksgiving this year will involve roast chicken, maple glazed carrots, green beans almondine, cheese scallop potatoes, mashed potatoes for the kidlets and pie. I’m looking forward to it all! And I’m ready with my wheat sheaf and jack-o-lantern pottery and candles. And my Giving Thanks printable of course!


I love bringing this out every year, along with my wheat sheaf. It has become a part of of Fall and Thanksgiving for me. Serious, I love that yellow.

I am thankful for many things this year. The gift of my children and husband. The legacy and blessing of having known and been loved by my loved ones who has passed on this year. The magical path that has opened up to me. Good chocolate.


So many things to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian friends! Wishing you a weekend filled with family, friends and turkey!

Happy Halloween and Fang-tastic


It’s October! The month of Halloween and spooky decor and beautiful Fall foliage and harvest festivals and Creepy Food Week! There is just so much to LOVE about October. It truly is one of my favorite months, seasons, holidays. And I cannot believe it is already here!

My shop has been woefully unprepared for Halloween! So I spent this afternoon making sure my Halloween printable parties are ready to go. I mean, Halloween is just around the corner! And we are especially lucky this year; Halloween falls on a Friday this year!!! Party time friends, Halloween party time!

And finally, my Fang-tastic and Happy Halloween parties are now available in my Scubbly shop! I’m feeling the black, orange, and purple vibe this year, so I wanted to get my Happy Halloween party up for you, just in case you’re going the traditional black and orange route this year too.

I love these two parties. I may just be adding a third one this month, its very bewitching in black and purple, perfect for the tween set. Definitely check back, but in the meantime you will find two perfect Halloween themes ready for instant download!

Find my Fang-tastic DIY Printable party in my Scubbly Shop!

Fangtastic Collages

Find my Happy Halloween DIY Printable Party items available separately in my Scubbly shop!

Happy Halloween Collage Scubbly

I’d love to hear about your plans for Halloween this year! I’m on the lookout for a pair of Maleficent horns, let me know if you see some!



Baby Elephant Invitation now on Scubbly!


The baby elephant with the red balloon is one of our most popular parties! Truth be told, I love it too. There is something about the blue, grey and red and the balloon that is irresistible and I am just honoured and humbled that so many of you feel the same about this sweet little guy. Thank you.

So many of you have emailed me asking if there was a coordinating invitation available for this collection, and for the longest time I just didn’t have one in my Scubbly store that could be instantly downloaded with the rest of the collection. But I’m happy to say, now there is!

Red Balloon - Baby Elephant Invites FIB

The RED BALLOON Baby Elephant Invitation is now available in my Scubbly shop!

I can’t wait for you to see it. Thank you so much for asking!



Baby Elephant Collection now on Scubbly!


It is summer vacation, but I can’t ignore your requests! I love receiving your emails and messages asking about the Baby Elephant DIY Printable Party! Even while I have closed my Etsy shop now, I am slowly adding all my parties to my Scubbly store.

Today, you’ll be happy to know both the original Baby Elephant Collection in BLUE and the special edition Baby Elephant Collection in BLUE with a Red Balloon are now available in instant downloadable versions!


You asked, I listened. Thank you for asking!

Grab your Baby Elephant Collection in BLUE or your Baby Elephant Collection in BLUE with a RED BALLOON in my Scubbly shop!

I will slowly be adding more parties throughout the summer, as they go up, I’ll you know here!

Parties | A Simple Brunch


Brunch is one of my favorite meals. A perfect blend of breakfast + lunch can include all your favorites in one meal: french toast, fruit, croissant, cucmber + cream cheese sandwiches, throw in a little seafood, apple dumplings and classic cocktails or flavoured seltzers and I am one happy girl. Set a beautiful table and arrange your food nicely on a buffet, hang a tissue paper tassel garland and you have a simple, easy to create party.

I love a simple party with that perfectly homemade look. Not too overdone, simply beautiful in a homespun kind of way yet, almost effortless. That may be why I find myself drawn to this party on A Merry Mishap.


A simple brunch buffet, beautifully laid out and decorated. Love the simple organization of the buffet, love the tassel garland, LOVE the crocheted doily under the cake. Mad love. It’s the simple handmade touches like that which steal my heart away.

For more images of this lovely brunch party, head over to A Merry Mishap.

Parties | DIY 3 Tier Stand


I am loving the warm, sunny weather we’ve been having! It looks like we have officially entered the season for outdoor parties and picnics. So if you’re looking for a new tiered server for your next backyard gathering, and you happen to live within traveling distance of an IKEA, you’re going to love this diy from A Fabulous Fete.

A modern server (actually an accessories stand) prettied up with a bright paint job. So very summery! Want one? Go check out Lauren’s diy on A Fabulous Fete, and seriously stay a while. I am just loving her blog! Huuuuuge fan in mad love right here! Can you tell?

Parties | a baby shower at home


Sometimes you see the simplest of parties and you just sigh with sweetness. That’s what I did when I saw this baby shower held in the loveliest of homes. I wish I had a porch such as this!

Naturally simple, with sweet details, delightfully put together. This is my idea of a sweetest gathering. One other touch I love is this bunting fashioned from vintage handkerchiefs.

I went on a search last Mother’s Day for vintage handkerchiefs to make a garland. And I cannot find them now. Sigh. This has inspired me to take up the search again.

Photography by Ashley Oostdyck via A Subtle Revelry.

Parties | Simple Menus


I love putting a menu out on the table when I host a gathering or party. I always find my guests are super excited to see what dishes I have prepared for them and this always ends up in a convergence on the kitchen with oohs and ahhs and “that smells good, what are you making?” I find a simple menu helps answer this age old question, but I don’t always have the time to layout and print table menus. This is where a giant roll of kraft paper and some washi tape can come in handy!

Check out this fantastic menu from A Fabulous Fete!

A simple sheet of kraft paper cut into a flag. White pencil crayon (seriously, she did this by hand. my scrawl is not so pretty!) and some washi tape at the corners for hanging. Perfect!

If you hve a little more time and some kraft paper bags around, this paper bag menu I found on A Magazine Moment is almost too awesome for words and hit me with inspiration.

Write your menu on a simple kraft paper bag and place one at each place setting. You not only have a menu, you have a ready to go “doggie bag” to send your guests home with extras! Because you know they’re gonna want to take some home. I am so in love with this idea, I just might have to host a gathering of friends.

Do you use menus at your gatherings and parties? What is your favorite way to display a menu?

New To Shop | Treat Bags + A Very Late 100 FANS Giveaway!!!!


Hello sweet friends! I am so excited for this day! I am going to celebrate you! In late November, my Facebook page had made it to 100 fans. My first big Facebook milestone! I pondered and wondered about what would make a great 100 fans giveaway. And like a light bulb, I knew! Treat bags! Treat bags, favor bags, whichever you like to call them, but we all know what they are. Those cute striped bags perfect for packaging cookies, treats and sweets of all kinds. Those little striped bags we see on all the dessert tables. Yes, those bags!

But I wanted to make them in a variety of patterns and a variety of colours, available by email via my Etsy shop or as an instant download via my Scubbly shop. And it was a big, big project. It took way longer than I expected, and life and business got in the way many, many times, but I was dedicated. Dedicated because I know it’s not always easy to find what you need when you need it. I always run into this problem when throwing a party, or when I have last minute inspiration.

I live in Canada, but surprisingly, those easy-to-find, cheap/fast/free-to-ship products my friends South of the border have access to don’t exist up here. Most of the vendors selling these treat bags are in the U.S. and many of them don’t ship to Canada or the shipping fees are so high it costs more than the product itself. Even within Canada, the shipping prices are ridiculous! When you have a budget, and the shipping cost is the same or higher than the cost of the product, well, it can be a problem.

And I love treat bags! They are perfect for packaging sweets and cookies, and displaying goodies at birthday parties, showers and holiday gatherings. They make great favor bags for your guests to take home some goodies at the end of a party. I even use them as envelopes for thank you notes or to tuck a little sweetness in my girls lunch boxes!

That’s why I made such a wide selection of treat bags. To make it easy for you to package, wrap and display treats and goodies without the wait or extra cost of shipping. You can even add one of my printable party circle designs to coordinate with your party theme and you have a perfect favor bag for your party!

So I am very excited today! Excited to say that my new

Polka Dot Treat Bags

Chevron Treat Bags

Diagonal Stripe Treat Bags

and Striped Treat Bags

are now available in my Etsy shop! But if you prefer quick and easy delivery, you can find all the treat bags available as an instant download in my Scubbly shop! Oh yes, instant download – nothing like instant gratification!

And to celebrate hitting 100 fans, now 150 fans, I’m giving you a treat bag of your choice! For the next 24 hours, just tell me what pattern and colour of treat bag is your favorite in the comments below (and don’t forget to leave me your email address!) and I’ll send it to your Inbox!

Yaay 100 fans and my sincerest apologies that it took sooooo long to get it together.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below, I would love to send you a treat bag!

New To Shop | Honey Bee


What a day, what a day! I’ve been busy as a bee and sweet as honey to the neighbouring roofers who have taken over my driveway. The pounding and nail guns have been a bit distracting, but I have finally got my new collection in the shop! Oh yes, another new collection this week, I have been busy as a bee you see!

Pun totally intended. Buzz. buzz.

I am happy to have my new Honey Bee DIY Printable Party Collection in my Etsy shop!

This is another design I have been wanting to do for a while. Who doesn’t love a cute litte bee and honeycomb? I love me a cute bee and I really wanted to create a collection that was sweet and delicate.

Something that could work for a child’s party or a shower. Hosting a “WHAT WILL IT BEE?”  gender reveal party? Or maybe a “IT WAS MEANT TO BEE!” bridal shower? A little gathering for beekeeper’s perchance?

And I really just needed an excuse to eat an entire package of honeycomb candy. Yes, yes I ate all of it.

The Honey Bee DIY Printable Party Collection comes with all your favorites. The Honey Bee Invitations are sold separately and completely customizable to match your bee theme.

Buzz on over to my shop to check out the new Honey Bee Collection!

Seriously loving these favor tags so much I want to host a bee themed party.  Are you throwing a bee themed party this spring?