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New To Shop | Cherrylicious


Ready for a little retro goodness? A little retro, cherrylicious goodness? Becuase today I added my new Cherrylicious DIY Printable party to my Etsy shop and it is totally cherrylicious!

I have wanted to create a girlie retro cherry theme for the longest time ever! I have always loved the polka dot and cherry combo, so very girlie, so very 1950s retro, so very rock-a-billy, baking housewife, little girl twirling in a circle skirt that spins above the waistline. Oh yeah! With a bit of feminine scalloped edging and ribbon trim. yes, I think this is it!

This collection makes me want to don my favorite party dress with a pair of peep toe shoes and twirl around serving Shirley Temple’s with a side of cherries jubilee! I think little girls and big girls alike will love a little cherrylicious party. Oh the ways you can spin this collection whether your birthday girl is turning 3 or 30. Cupcakes or cocktails, you choose!

Do you love this collection as much as I do? So girlie, so fun, so makes me want to sit in the grass with a basket of cherries and teach my girls how to knot a cherry stem with your tongue. If only I knew how.

The Cherrylicious DIY Printable Party Collection comes with everything you need to create your own retro girlie party, including party circles, bottle wrappers, banner, tent cards, party flags, favor tags and scrapbooking papers for a little crafting and cupcake wrapping. 

You can grab the entire Cherrylicious Collection in my Etsy shop!

Need some invites to go with that party collection? Invitations are available separately.

I think I just might have to watch CryBaby while I bake a cake. Now where are those peep toes?

New To Shop | Easter in Stitches


Any cross stitch lovers out there? I have been a lover of cross stitch ever since grade 4 when I convinced my aunt to take me for a weekend and teach me the home art of cross stitch. i still remember my first cross stitch: a little heart sampler with the words “I love Mom”. I’ve been a regular stitcher ever since.

So for this Easter, with the art of cross stitch on my mind and the desire to create a simple, homemade celebration, I brought my love of cross stitch to my love of parties and created this sweet little Easter Cross Stitch Collection.

Only three items, available separately in my Etsy shop. Keeping the holiday simple and homemade.

The Easter Cross Stitch Tent Cards create a lovely place setting, but they would make sweet favor tags/thank you cards when attached to Easter treats! Don’t you think?

The Easter Cross Stitch Party Circles for decorating cupcakes and bars, or perfect favor tags when attached to little bundles of sweets for the kidlets that may be celebrating with you this weekend.

And the Easter Cross Stitch Bottle Wrappers for decorating your bottled beverages, also perfect for bundling up your napkins and cutlery.

Sweet with touches of homemade, just how this mama likes it!

How are you decorating for Easter this year?

New To Shop | Baby Elephant Collection


Oh yes, it’s been a busy week here! I’ve been busy preparing for Easter/Ostara, my youngest daughter’s birthday, all these new printable collections and I have a writing project to finish. Crazy days indeed! But I had to introduce you to the newest collection to hit the shop today. It’s sweet, it’s darling and it’s available in two colourways: one for boys and one for girls.

I am very happy to say the new Baby Elephant Collection is now in the shop!

Available in blue.

And coral.

The full collection includes Party Circles, Bunting, Bottle Wrappers, Tent Cards, Favor Tags, Loot Bag Toppers, Thank You Cards, Scrapbooking Papers and Treat Bags. Yes, treat bags! Did you notice those little lovelies, they are new for this collection. So excited! They add a little something-something I think.

The baby Elephant Collection can be customized to suit your event, perfect for a 1st birthday, but it would also make a darling baby shower for moms-to-be who know the sex of their baby. If you need something neutral for the moms-to-be who are waiting right down to the birth, I can customize the collection with a little spring green or violet. Hmmm violet would be pretty.

Invitations in blue and invitations in coral are available separately.

Are you expecting any wee ones this spring?

New To Shop | Pirate Collection


Yes, I am back! Back from swimming in the Atlantic, back from the land of sun and sand. Le sigh. Even though we have had unseasonally warm temperatures here in Ontario, I do miss the ocean so very much. Especially now that the cold has creeped in again. I have been adjusting to not swimming everyday and keeping busy-busy behind the scenes since I got home. Even though it’s been quiet here, I have been posting over on my Facebook page over the past week, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, get on over there and ‘Like” it to catch that action!

Just before I left for March Break, my friend Magdalena from Oh So Chic Celebrations Event Design and Styling asked if I could put together a pirate theme for her. So of course I said yes! I mean her work is amazing! I knew that if I created something, in her hands, it would look incredible. The pirate theme has been on my list of designs forever and this was the perfect chance to make it happen.

I am dying to see and share pictures of her event, dying I tell you! But I do have a few pictures of this new collection which just sailed into my Etsy shop this morning!

Party circles and party flags. I am loving these party flags, perfect for food and cupcakes.

But wait till you get a look at the just-for-this-collection, mast style party flags. They are awesome!

Seriously awesome, yes?! You can turn any treat into a pirate ship with these party flags, mini treat cups full of carrots or cupcakes. Or make a simple little boat out of construction paper like I did, glue  or staple the ends close, place a weighted tealight holder in the bottom and fill with treats. Can you imagine a table full of pirate ships filled with sweet booty for your pirates to fill loot bags? I can!

Need some toppers for those loot bags? Those are included in the set as well.

The full Pirate Collection is available in my Etsy shop and it includes Party Circles, Bunting, Bottle Wrappers, Tent Cards, Favor Tags, Loot Bag Toppers, Party Flags, Mast-Style Party Flags (for ye boats filled with eats and treats) and Scrapbooking Papers.

Invitations are sold separately.

I’m off me hearties! Can you tell it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day around here?

Etsy Treasuries


I had the delightful surprise of discovering two of my new Valentine’s Day printables have been featured in Etsy Treasuries over the past couple of days! How awesomesauce! Of course, I grabbed screenshots, as I always do. There is some great stuff in these treasuries, you should check them out!

For those of you local to Kitchener-Waterloo (yaay K-towners!).

Local Love Treasury by Tamara Maciel of Charming


And a beautiful collection of Valentine inspiration!

San Valentino, Valentine’s Ideas by Barbara Damiano

Thanks so much ladies!

New To Shop | Love Rocks


Do you have a pre-tween or tween searching for just the right valentine to give her/his classmates? Something cool, not too cutesy or babyish, something rockin? I think I may be able to help! My daughter went Radio Gaga over this sheet of Love Rocks Valentines, and I think that your tween-ish kidlet may just do the same.

Oh yes, we are rocking out the Valentines this year! A little modern spin on some old skool classics.

The tween set may not be so familiar with the anthem “You spin me right round baby, right round.” But they do know another like-minded song. A little Round and Round with Selena Gomez for those tween fans!

Who didn’t love to receive a thematic mix tape from their crush?

Remember those massive boom boxes on the tarmac, beside the sheets of cardboard? Add a riff of the Black Eyed Peas, gotta get that boom-boom-boom for today’s kidlets.

The boom box is my daughter’s favorite, but then again she does a love for 80s break dancing movies. I’m praying others get the sentiment. Tell me you do!

If your pre-tweens and tweens want to rock their valentines, the Love Rocks Valentines are ready for ya! Print, cut, fill-in and hand out as-is, or use a hole punch to punch out two holes and slip in a heart shaped lollipop like we did. It’s all about incorporating candy in this household. You could even forget the lollipop and attach a Ring Pop or candy necklace for some good hard, rock candy goodness.

Grab your Love Rocks Valentines in my Etsy shop!

Or for instant downloadable access head to my Scubbly shop!

New To Shop | Elephantshoe Collection


When I was a little girl, my friends and I would play a little guessing game. We would sit face to face and one of us would first silently mouth the words “I love you” and ask the other to guess what we said. The one who was guessing would answer, “You said I love you.” Then we would do it again, but this time we would mouth the words “elephant shoe”. The one who was guessing would again say, “You said I love you again.” And we would answer, “No, that time I said elephant shoe.” And then we would go back and forth randomly trying to figure out when we were saying “I love you”  and when we were saying “elephant shoe”.

I have played this game with both of my daughter’s and now when I say “Elephant shoe!”, they know I mean “I love you.” Have you ever played this game? Hopefully my new Elephantshoe Valentine Collection printable will encourage you to play this sweet little game with your kidlets!

The Elephantshoe Collection has everything you need to throw a sweet little Valentine’s Day party at home or in the class room! There is an ‘I love you’ banner. Large and small valentines to give to family and friends.

Party circles for decorating cupcakes, lollipops, treat bags and more!

Treat bag toppers for bundling up a selection of treats and sweets!

Bottle wrappers for wrapping around bottles of water or soda pop or utensils wrapped in a napkin.

Tent cards for labeling Valentine’s treats or for place cards on the table.

A sweet collection for a sweet game. Want to play?

You can get the Elephantshoe Valentine Collection in my Etsy Shop! Just in time to share the sentiment of elephantshoe with your family and friends.


New To Shop | More Than Chocolate Collection


Valentine’s Day is a sweet and simple affair around here. There is lots of love in the air, heart shaped boxes full of everyones favorite home baked goodies and love notes. I truly believe that some of the most memorable expressions of love are also the simplest expressions of love. And that’s where this new collection came from, a simple expression of love.

More Than Chocolate, the abbreviated form of  ‘I love you more than chocolate’ is a set comprised of just three simple items, note cards, mini chocolate bar wrappers and treat bag toppers. It doesn’t matter if the treat bag is filled with mini wrapped chocolates or with home baked chocolate chip cookies.

As long as it’s paired with as many love notes as you need to express just how much you love your love.

I love you more than my Blackberry. I love you more than gumballs. I love you more than pain au chocolat! Leave love notes scattered throughout the house for your love to find on Valentine’s Day. Fill a box with a stack of I love you more than… note cards for your love to savor. Or set a lovely table for a home cooked Valentine’s Day meal and place note cards and heart chocolates on each plate.

Head on over to my Etsy to grab your More Than Chocolate Collection. 

It’s available now and it’s only $5.00. Little cost for big love!

Grab it now and I’ll love you more than gumballs! Aaah who am I kidding, I already love you more than gumballs.

New To Shop | Sweet Love Valentine Collection


Are you ready for a LoveFest? I certainly am! After a month long house of sick, we are finally on the mend and ready to feel love. Will you BE MINE?

Yes, that means that I finally got together some Sweet Love for Valentine’s Day! And I’m so glad you’ve come back after all the quiet this month. Did you know that I’m a sucker for you?

I am so ready to focus on love and write out valentines.

And wrap up sweets for the girls and their classmates. Yes, using my new Valentine’s Day collection of course! You might want to use it as well. The Sweet Love Collection has everything you need to put together a selection of sweets for your valentines; a banner for showing your love, pretty papers for crafting, party circles for your cupcakes and other treats; pillow boxes for candy jewelery (or the real thing, ah-hem honey); mini chocolate bar wraps, valentines and lollipop covers.

I wanted to make it easy to put together your valentines, so the Treat Bag Tops are sized to fit standard sandwich baggies because I know we all have those in the house! And if you happen to have cello treat bags lying around, the Treat Bag Tops can be trimmed to fit. I was thinking about you.

It’s all about chocolate and lollipops in our house. I have a bag of heart shaped lollipops just burning with love and willingness to be wrapped up and given away. Perfect for my new lollipop covers! Did you know you can address them to someone you like/love on the back?

The Sweet Love Collection is now in my Etsy shop! 

Are you ready to share your sweet love?

Crafty Customers | Candy Christmas Tree


One of my seriously crafty customers, Marisela, sent me this photo last week to show me a paper Christmas tree she made using my Candy Christmas printable. Isn’t this incredible?!!

Her sweet daughter wanted a pink Christmas tree this year (now that’s a girl after my heart!) and when Marisela saw my new printable collection, she knew it would be a perfect fit! I was so excited to see this tree in my Inbox, hello crafty goodness! I love the notches  cut out of the tree for paper decorations and the cute star snowman at the top.

Thanks so much for sharing Marisela!

Want to craft your own Candy Christmas? You can get the Candy Christmas printable in my Etsy shop.