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Crocheted with love


Sometimes I look down while working on my daughter’s afghan and this is what I see.

crocheted with loveMade with love. Always.

It’s been a long time…


A very long time. Just over a year and one too many family emergencies/crises behind us. Thank goodness.

I’m back. Not back everyday or five days a week, but back to posting a little bit of crafty goodness as the crafty goodness happens. There will be some little changes around here, some tabs will go missing, printable parties will be moving to instant downloadable versions only, and some will be retired for good. I am moving on from the full-time crafty lifestyle and pursuing my true life purpose. So my little part of the crafty pie is going back to the perfect and lovely hobby that it has always been.

For now, I am crocheting like crazy! I have a rainbow afghan to finish for Christmas.

rainbow afghan

It’s nice to back. I look forward to sharing crafty goodness with you. Again.

seasonal inspiration


It’s been a joyful Yuletide season here, full of food, family and friends. The past couple of days we have been happily homebound now that our seasonal gatherings have come to an end. The calm has been nice, it has given me a bit of time to figure out my new phone and work on a little knitting. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, I have not wanted to forget those images and places that have inspired me this Yuletide season. There have been so many amazing party and decor and crafty ideas out there, and I don’t want to forget them! Here is a peek at what has inspired me this season!

Cookies from Sweetopia’s Facebook page. OMG I just love these! Whenever I look at this picture it just makes me smile and fills me with warm fuzzies.

Candy covered Christmas trees at Teatro Verde in Toronto. Pic from Bakerella’s blog. I shoulda bought that ice-cream cone!

Yarn wreath also from Teatro Verde in Toronto. Bad picture taken with my old phone, but it really is lovely and squishy and made of wool.

A lovely red and white ripple afghan that I found on Etsy. I must find a similiar pattern to knit one myself, it’s just so Christmas-y!

Knit stockings.

Which prompted me to run and pick up a copy of The Stockings Were Knit by Leisure Arts, just for the stocking on the cover. That stocking is PERFECT for my youngest daughter. Thank goodness the local Michael’s had two in stock!

What inspired you this holiday season?