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We love snowmen


It’s the last week of school before Christmas break, so this week is all about making cookies for the class party. We just happen to love snowmen.

making snowmenI’m sure the kidlets will love them! Are you making treats for your kidlets’ class party?

Baking | Spiced Apple Butter


Apple season is here! I think I know what I’m trying this year.

This spiced apple butter via My Own Ideas. Doesn’t it look and sound delish?

Baking | Marshmallows


How heavenly are these fluffy, pink marshmallows?

I really, simply, absolutely must make some. I have been sooo wanting to make marshmallows for so long, and just haven’t made the time. Must.Get.Gelatin.

Image by Sweetapolita.

Baking | Pastel Ombre Cake + Marshmallows


Oh, I have another ombre cake for you today and I have to say, this picture is killing me! The gentle pastel ombre frosting , the matching pastel marshmallows, aaaaah! Gorgeous!

And the dinner table at this engagement party, oh how I wish I was there to sit and dine and chat. You must take a look at the entire engagement party on Design*Sponge. It is simply gorg!

Image by Chantal Andrea Photography for Finch & Thistle Event Design via Design*Sponge.

Baking | Ombre Swirl Cake


So pretty I can’t stop staring. Made by my hometown girl, the amazing Sweetapolita of course.

Images and VIDEO TUTORIAL (oh yes!!) on Sweetapolita.

Baking | Craving Cupcakes


Craving cupcakes + love this colour palette. I want to inject a bit of grey. Maybe I will be baking this weekend.

Happy Friday friends.

Mascarpone Cheese Cupcakes by Sara Domjan

How To Frost A Cake


I love a rough frosting on a homemade cake. But sometimes I want that perfectly smooth facade to decorate. One of the best tutorials for frosting a cake, for that clean, smooth surface perfect for decorating is over at Whisk Kid. So I had to share.

edible microphones


Earlier this week I launched a Rock Star DIY Printable Party especially for GIRLS who love to sing and we want to keep the party inspiration on a high note. Are you ready to rock that mic? Because today is all about the edible microphones featured at my daughter’s rock star birthday party.

When planning her party I knew I wanted crazy rock star place settings that somehow included microphones. But I also wanted everything on the table to be edible or mostly edible. Edible microphones! First I thought cake in ice cream cones, but I also wanted a mix of treats for the girls to enjoy and I had already planned a 3 tier cake and I was keeping the cake! Then I started thinking about how much I wanted to play and sculpt with cereal treats, just like they do in all those cake challenges. Hmmm, cereal treats covered in chocolate and sprinkles, it started coming together.

I hit the internet looking for edible microphones and just didn’t find anything that looked as realistic as the image I had in my head. I didn’t want just silver sugar and I didn’t want to use the silver balls (not so edible or yummy). So I started shopping and keeping an eye out for cones and sprinkles that would give me that realistic look I was hoping for. It was many months of shopping around, and a couple trips across the border to the US, but oh yes I found those sprinkles and cones and created my version of the edible microphone.

These weren’t difficult to make, but they did take some time. If you are familiar with making cake pops at home, you’ll rock these no problem!

First you need some supplies, specifically ice cream cones and jimmies. I looked all over South-Western Ontario for chocolate ice cream cones and came to the sad conclusion that they did not exist in Canada. Well, not my part of Canada anyway. So away I went on a weekend adventure across the border into the U.S. I was shopping at Wegman’s at midnight when I turned the corner in the freezer aisle and there they were, just what I was looking for – chocolate cones!

Let’s just say my girlfriend got a kick out of my happy dance and beaming smile and the store employees were given a wake-up woot!

Then came the sprinkles. After much experimentation with silver jimmies and grey sugars, I finally found what I was really looking for:

Silver Pearlized Jimmies by Wilton (found them at Michael’s in the US and Canada). The perfect realistic microphone colour and texture don’t you think?

The jimmies are fairly easy to find, but the ice cream cones are a little harder. I’m sure there must be some chocolate cones somewhere in Canada! Just in case, normal waffle cones with paper wraps or the coloured cones will work just as well.

After finding cones and jimmies, the tricky, tricky part was figuring out how to display the microphones! I wanted them standing up at each individual place setting. I started out looking for black iron candle holders and ended up finding something better at my local dollar store – doll stands! Thanks to the manager at the store who questioned why I needed 8 candle holders when he only had two, I found the perfect solution thanks to his creativity and quick thinking! You can purchase doll stands at most craft stores, and some dollar discount stores. Placing the finished microphones into their microphone stands, er doll stands, can be tricky, it is a bit of a balancing act.

I really had a lot of fun creating these and have had so many lovely comments about how fantastic they looked, I couldn’t be more pleased. Perfect for a girl’s rock star party, especially if your girl likes to rock the microphone and sing her little heart out!

Edible Microphones

A cereal treat you can sing about!

What you need:

Ingredients for your favorite Rice Krispie Squares recipe
4 Cups White Candy Coating (brown candy coating also work)
Black Gel Food Colouring
1 Cup Brown Candy Coating
Wilton’s Silver Pearlized Jimmies
Chocolate Ice Cream Cones
Wax Paper
Styrofoam Block

What you do:

1. Prepare Rice Krispie squares using your favorite recipe and let cool.

2. Cover a section of your work table with wax paper for a working surface and resting spot for your finished microphone heads.

3. Once cool, scoop out 2 TBSP of your Rice Krispie treats and knead until pliable. Once the cereal treats are soft, mold into a microphone shape, either round or oval, and place on the wax paper when finished. This is the fun part!

4. Place skewers into the styrofoam block so they are 3 inches apart. This will create a drying rack for your dipped and sprinkled microphone heads.

5. Melt your white candy coating using your favorite technique (microwave, double boiler, etc) and add a drop of black gel food colouring and mix well. Add small amounts of food colouring until you achieve your preferred shade of gray. Pick up a microphone head and dip into the melted candy coating so the candy coating  covers 3/4 of the microphone head. Make sure the bowl is deep enough so you can cover the microphone head easily. Then remove and gently tap off any extra coating.

6. Holding the dipped microphone head over a plate, lightly sprinkle the jimmies over the microphone head until it is completely covered. Use the jimmies on the plate to cover any bare spots.

7. Slide the microphone head onto a skewer in your styrofoam block until the bottom of the microphone head rests on the block. Place in the fridge to set.

8. Once the microphone heads have set, melt the brown candy coating using your favorite technique (microwave, double boiler, etc) and pour into a squeeze bottle.

9. Pipe a fine line of brown candy coating around the center of the center of the microphone head and place back onto a skewer to dry.

10. Pipe a line of brown candy coating onto the inside rim of your ice cream cone. Place the microphone head into the ice cream cone and hold until the candy coating sets.

11. Carefully place the edible microphone into your microphone stand (doll stand).

12. Get ready to rock (and eat!) that mic!

Makes 12.


{loving} poured fondant


I am generally not a huge fan of the taste of fondant. I LOVE the look of fondant, but not so fond of the flavour. I am that girl who peels the fondant off and then eats the cake. Which I don’t mind doing because the look of fondant is so very, very pleasing. I love the fondant cupcake and cookie tops for their smooth, fresh colors and designs (and their peel-ability). And then I was introduced to the idea of smooth, poured fondant on cupcakes!

I have always loved the look of petite fours, those smooth, candy-coloured squares of girlie goodness. Now I can recreate that look on cupcakes? Oh yes, thanks to this tutorial over at Cake Journal. Again, it was a tweet from Sweetapolita which introduced me to Cake Journal (thanks Rosie!) and this oh so loverly idea of covering cupcakes in poured fondant. Again, my wall of intention of grows, and I think I may end up growing with it!

Now I must go back to Cake Journal, there is a world of sweet to discover over there!

{loving} rosie’s pinkalicious cherry cupcakes


Need I say more? How could I not love these, they are  irresistible!

Rosie of Sweetapolita (a Canadian!!) is the creator of these pinkalicious confections which she shared on Frosting for the Cause. I’m thinking my soon-to-be four year old would love these on her birthday.

If you haven’t been to Sweetapolita or Frosting for the Cause, you’ll want to go now! Rosie makes the most amazingly beautiful cakes and confections, and she’s Canadian! As in Ontario, for all my local SWO-ians!!! How amazingly sweet is that?

You’ll also want to bookmark Frosting for the Cause. It is a round-up of 365 sugar cookie and cupcake bakers/decorators and bloggers from across Canada and the United States who will take turns posting an inspired recipe all in the support of cancer. All year long. I know I’ll be checking in daily!