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Baby Elephant Invitation now on Scubbly!


The baby elephant with the red balloon is one of our most popular parties! Truth be told, I love it too. There is something about the blue, grey and red and the balloon that is irresistible and I am just honoured and humbled that so many of you feel the same about this sweet little guy. Thank you.

So many of you have emailed me asking if there was a coordinating invitation available for this collection, and for the longest time I just didn’t have one in my Scubbly store that could be instantly downloaded with the rest of the collection. But I’m happy to say, now there is!

Red Balloon - Baby Elephant Invites FIB

The RED BALLOON Baby Elephant Invitation is now available in my Scubbly shop!

I can’t wait for you to see it. Thank you so much for asking!



It’s my Birthday!


And I don’t want to celebrate my 37th year (yes, yes I do think it’s 37, I often forget, age is relative isn’t it?) alone! So for today only, anyone who purchases from my Etsy shop will receive the Happy Birthday Buy One-Get One Free Special!

When you purchase any item in my shop today, choose another product at equal or lesser value and get it FREE! Just tell me which product you would like in the Notes to Seller! That’s it! Happy Birthday to me and a big ole thanks for celebrating with me for you!

I will hold items for you up to 6 months, so if you need something later, no worries, I want to celebrate your birthdays with you too, whenever they may be!

mini bunting note cards


Oh my love of mini bunting and its many uses is strong! I am thankful my girls are fans as well, and my husband, well he is getting used to my adorning the house in a rainbow of colorful itty bitty party banners. It’s so very festive!

This crafty project is one he’ll appreciate very much, mini bunting note cards. We noticed over the weekend that our card box is pitifully low on birthday cards. But thanks to this little crafty project, I think our stash-o-cards will be replenished in no time! I’m not the only one who has a stash of cards for birthdays and events, right?

What you need: 

  • Blank white note card and envelope. I used the Recollections Value Pack Blank Cards and Envelopes from Michael’s. They are easy to find and very inexpensive.
  • A bit of Baker’s Twine in your favorite  colour.
  • A glue stick or small puddle of white glue.
  • Four pennants of mini bunting. I used my Simple Solid Mini Bunting in pastels.

Cut out your four pennants, then cut each pennant in half, so you have four triangles.

Slide your bit of twine across the top of the glue stick, or through a small puddle of white glue until the twine is covered in glue. Run your fingers down the twine to remove any excess glue.

Position the twine on the front of the note card, gently moving it around until it looks just right and then press into place. Trim the twine so the ends are flush with the edges of the card.

Position your four pennants along the bit of twine until they are evenly spaced, then secure in place with glue.

Let dry for 30 min.

Once dry, store with an envelope until your next birthday/shower/wedding/i miss you/just thinking of you celebration/moment arrives. Then take the opporutnity to share your crafty goodness with the world, possibly attached to a lovely little package to gift.

I think a little set of mini bunting note cards, bundled with some pretty coloured envelopes and wrapped in pretty ribbon would make a lovely gift at Yule/Christmas. Give someone the gift of correspondance.  The simple joy of receiving a card in the mail, so very sweet. Sigh.

Need some bunting to make some mini bunting note cards? Of course you do, I don’t want to be the only one playing with pretty bunting! Head over to Scribd to download some free mini bunting in a rainbow of colours. Just download and cut out all the letters and numbers you’ll need to spell out any message you heart desires. The back sides of each pennant are blank for those moments when words aren’t necessary 😉 Te free mini bunting is available in pastels, brights, and jewel tones. Go grab yours, then drop me a line (or a handcrafted card in the mail) and let me know what you’re crafting!

mini-makeover birthday party


My dearest daughter turns 9 this week. I’m not sure how she is turning 9 because I certainly don’t feel 9 years older, and well, it seems like just yesterday she was but a wee babe in my arms. But 9 she will be so yesterday we invited a few of her girlfriends over to celebrate with a mini makeover birthday party!

Last year she decided she wanted zebra and hot pink decor for her 9th birthday. This past August she decided a party all about make up and nail polish and dressing up was her theme of choice, so we invited her friends to Rowan’s Beauty Bar for mini make overs, mini treats and a mini photo shoot!

We set up a mini make-up station for each guest at the table with standing mirrors and make-up applicators.

A full eye shadow and blush make-up palette with giant blush brushes were set up at both ends of the table.

A selection of nail polish and lipstick were set up on both sides of the table.

A selection of my daughter’s favorite mini treats were displayed in zebra print favor boxes down the center of the table: pink popcorn, pretzels, strawberry and chocolate swirl marshmallows. And a few hot pink cupcakes for good measure.

The girls painted their nails and made up their faces while sipping pink champagne and snacking on sweet nibblies.

Once the girls were made up they enjoyed some time in our photo booth complete with necklaces, boa’s, coloured hair extensions, bracelets, zebra printed pinwheels from Shannon at Twirlie Whirlies and speech bubbles. That’s me having some fun!

During the photo fun the girls grabbed sticks of cotton candy before settling down for some cake!

I tried many new techniques and used many new products for my daughter’s birthday cake this year. In the end, it turned out just as I pictured in my head. The cake was also topped off by a toy zebra with a handmade pink flower on her ear.

I searched through the shelf of toy zebra’s for a she, and this one is definitely a she. I think I love her.

After a little more play and running around (they did consume a lot sugar after all), the girls made their way home with a pink bag full of make-up and their zebra flower headbands.

And a cupcake.

A sweet day for a sweet girl.

Later this week I’ll be posting a couple of quick and easy tutorials for the hanging circle garland (super quick and easy for moms who need it fast!) and for the ribbon flower headbands. The printables will be hitting my Etsy shop this week, if you love them and want them before they hit the shop just send me a message!

friday crafts


Happy Friday! I am in the midst of party planning prep for my daughter’s 9th birthday birthday coming up this weekend. It will be a weekend of crafting, baking and set up and I am excited to get to the baking and set up. I am eager to pop open my bucket of fondant. Apparently, it is supposed to smell and taste similar to cotton candy. Right there I was sold. Smell and taste like cotton candy?!?! My favorite candy ever! Sold! I am eager to crack the lid and breathe in that sweet aroma. That and well, I haven’t played with fondant since April and am super excited to get my fingers into that sticky sweetness.

This morning I finished the zebra flower headbands for the party which turned out beautifully. I did have a moment last night when I started the first flower when I thought they were not working out quite like I hoped. It looked all wonky in the beginning, but by the time I curled the center in on itself, it was just as I pictured in my head. I hope the girls like them!

Here’s a quick shot from my mobile:

Come back the tutorial coming next week!

This afternoon I am putting the last item together for my new Happy Halloween collection, soon to be in my Etsy shop! I am seriously in love with the ghost. Would you like to see her?

I don’t know what it is, but I adore her.

I feel like the luckiest girl, a weekend of crafting and baking and mini makeover birthday party, oh yeah! Wishing you a fun and crafty weekend too!

{loving} candle forks


Throwing a birthday party for more than one person at a time? I think these would be perfect on a slice a cake!

Available at Urban Outfitters.

the state of my fridge


cake and microphones

We have no room for food, our fridge is stuffed with treats for my daughters birthday party. A topsy-turvy birthday cake and cereal treat microphone heads. I am thrilled with how they have turned out so far!

cereal treat microphones

topsy-turvy cake

This was my first time carving a topsy-turvy cake. I am definitely doing this again because it was fun, fun, fun!

Both pieces are done for now, tomorrow I will put on the finishing touches just before the party starts. For now they chill, literally.

Have a rock’in good weekend, see you Monday with party details!

Butterflies, butterflies everywhere!


What does a mama do when throwing a butterfly themed party for her daughter’s 3rd birthday? She cuts out handfuls and handfuls of butterflies!


In a variety of sizes,

Small ones!

for a variety of uses!

And large ones!

The bounty of evening, a lovely selection of bright butterflies ready to hang and decorate loot bags.

Next on the agenda, felt butterflies to string onto ribbon, to be worn as necklaces. What fun!



Another cake I truly enjoyed making was Ro’s 5th birthday cake. A big, beautiful sunflower. My sweet little Ro has a sunny disposition and a love for the tall, sun-loving sunflower, so a sunflower cake I had to make for her birthday.

A super sunny sunflower!

I had so much fun putting this cake together, laying all those “seeds” by hand for the center of the sunflower. It’s that kind of slow, detailed work that I find meditative.

My trip to the bulk food store for those “seeds” or brown Smarties was interesting. I don’t think the employees were impressed with my hogging the Halloween Smartie container, slowly sifting through the orange and brown candies and strategically pouring them so only the brown candies fell into the bag. It took a while to get a bag of mainly brown candies, but I did it, slowly and meticulously. I did hear a few shoppers chuckle as they walked by, but hey, I need what I need and isn’t that the perk of bulk containers?

Sunflower cake detail


This cake did get a lot of comments, thanks to that seeded center, making it worth every second. Most importantly, my daughter loved her sunflower just as much as I loved making it for her.

I do so love  making flower cakes, but this year I am going to try my hand at a butterfly. I really can’t wait to get started, I have sparkly dust for the wings, wheeee!

I am off to start a busy weekend of teaching. I hope you have enjoyed the walk down the memory lane of cake as much as I have. Have a fantastic weekend!

Ladybug Cake


When my eldest daughter, Ro, turned two, we threw her a ladybug themed party at the park. I had a lot of fun creating her ladybug cake.

Ladybug smiles

Oh that red icing! It took a while to get a nice ladybug red. The amount of coloring was a little frightening, but it had to be an iced cake. I have always had a bit of an aversion to rolled fondant. It just doesn’t taste good! Not as good as my buttercream icing. I know icing may take a little longer and not look as smooth and perfect as fondant, but I do prefer the taste of cake without fondant, which is why all of my cakes are iced.

La la la ladybug

I do believe those spots are Smarties.

Mom, is that ladybug on fire?

We have always lucked out with beautiful weather on her birthdays, and ladybugs and picnics go hand in hand don’t you think?