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Parties | A Simple Brunch


Brunch is one of my favorite meals. A perfect blend of breakfast + lunch can include all your favorites in one meal: french toast, fruit, croissant, cucmber + cream cheese sandwiches, throw in a little seafood, apple dumplings and classic cocktails or flavoured seltzers and I am one happy girl. Set a beautiful table and arrange your food nicely on a buffet, hang a tissue paper tassel garland and you have a simple, easy to create party.

I love a simple party with that perfectly homemade look. Not too overdone, simply beautiful in a homespun kind of way yet, almost effortless. That may be why I find myself drawn to this party on A Merry Mishap.


A simple brunch buffet, beautifully laid out and decorated. Love the simple organization of the buffet, love the tassel garland, LOVE the crocheted doily under the cake. Mad love. It’s the simple handmade touches like that which steal my heart away.

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