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Parties | a baby shower at home


Sometimes you see the simplest of parties and you just sigh with sweetness. That’s what I did when I saw this baby shower held in the loveliest of homes. I wish I had a porch such as this!

Naturally simple, with sweet details, delightfully put together. This is my idea of a sweetest gathering. One other touch I love is this bunting fashioned from vintage handkerchiefs.

I went on a search last Mother’s Day for vintage handkerchiefs to make a garland. And I cannot find them now. Sigh. This has inspired me to take up the search again.

Photography by Ashley Oostdyck via A Subtle Revelry.

bunting crafts


See, bunting on the brain. I couldn’t just stop at one. Here is a little more bunting inspiration.

Quick and easy note card tutorial at all about you.

make pretty notecards

Oh for the love of ric rac! Ric rac bunting tutorial at oh my! handmade goodness.

rick rack bunting tutorial, mini bunting tutorial, cupcake bunting, felt bunting, felt garland

Free printable at 74 Lime Lane.

Ok, I’m done…for now.

bunting on the brain


I have to admit I have bunting on the brain this morning. I have always been a lover of colorful swags of bunting and have a pile of fabric alloted to make about 10 different sets in my ginormous fabric stash.  Bunting galore is on my wall of intention.

But this morning,  I am working a HUGE new printable collection and part of this new Sweet and Simple collection is bunting: for walls and cake. I do so adore mini bunting, don’t you? I think it’s my favorite. You can use it for EVERYTHING! Decorate cakes, cupcakes, savory foods, mugs, tables, chairs, note cards, gift cards and gift tags. Seriously, everything.

Which is why I am loving these bunting gift tags by Baby Jives:

Super sweet, yes? Sweet to give and super simple to make. Seriously one of the best ways to motor through your stash of fabric scraps. See, now there is no reason ever to get rid of your fabric scraps, hello bunting gift cards and tags! 

Jahje Bath Ives of Baby Jives has posted a sweet tutorial. You should go check it out and then get your craft on. Christmas is coming 🙂

today is a beautiful day


When it involves bunting and bright colors, cut-and-paste letters on the wall, yes, it is.

Image found via Bongi yeah on tumblr.

{NEW TO SHOP} mix tape collection


I am so excited to have this collection in my Etsy shop! Earlier this year I had a request to design a rocking good 40th birthday party. One very quick brainstorming session later, I went to work on designing a mix tape party. I can’t tell you how much fun it was designing this party (it was a lot of fun!) as a creator of mix tapes back in the day of tapes. It made me pull out all of my old mix tapes for inspiration!

Then it got me to thinking… So many of my friends are turning 40 this, including my husband. All of us, creators of mix tapes. Once I realized the generation of mix tapes creators were turning 40, I knew I had to get this collection out super fast! I mean, is there a better way for the tape generation to celebrate their birthdays? I think not! So whether you’re turning 40 or 37, this collection is for you! 

And let me tell you there is a lot to choose from in this collection! There are 6 colours to choose from for the Mix Tape Invitations, and 36, yes 36 colour and design combinations for the Party Circles, Banner, Favor Tags and Tent Cards! Rocking good times! And because I want you to be able to mix it up on your birthday, you can choose 2 invitation colours and 4 design/colour combinations for the other pieces of your party.

I am so in love with this collection and it’s on sale in my Etsy shop for 50% OFF for a limited time!

Head on over to my Etsy shop to order your Mix Tape Collection!

P.S. Don’t worry you vinyl lover you, I’ve got a High Fidelity Collection in the works :).

{crafty customers} eddie’s mix tape birthday


Last Friday I shared Emmett’s rocket ship party which was sent in by Eryn, one of my sweet and crafty customers. Eryn also sent me pictures of her husband Eddie’s 40th birthday party, a we love crafty Tracey custom design, to share with you!

Eddie is a rock and roll fan and grew up during the era of tapes (me too!), so for his birthday we created a mix tape design. Do you remember the days of tapes? Staying up all night, listening to the radio with your finger hovering over the record button on your tape player, waiting for your favorite song? Remember creating mix tapes for your sweetheart and best friend? Yeah, that’s what I was thinking when I designed this party for Eddie!

Eryn came up with rock and roll inspired dishes for Eddie’s party based on Eddie’s favorite bands and songs. It was so much fun designing this party and I can’t wait for you to check out Eryn’s pictures!

Eryn used the set of blank tapes to create a board for Eddie’s friends to fill in their best aging advice. I wonder what they said!

She decorated every area of the house to keep the theme consistent throughout!

I love how she used actual tape to accent the printables! I have to wonder what tape she unraveled here? Hmmm.

The drinks and food items were customized using (Eddie’s favorite) band names and song titles.

Eryn, I love the UB 40 tapes on the cake! Red, Red Wine – love that song!

Thanks again for sharing Eryn! I’m so glad Eddie loved his party decor, I had such a blast putting it together. It made me dig out all my favorite mix tapes, now I have to find my old tape player.

Want to mix it up at your next birthday? Don’t worry, the Mix Tape Collection is going to hit my Etsy shop later this week!

{crafty customers} emmett’s rocket ship party


I have something special to share with all of you today! Eryn, one of my sweet and crafty customers, contacted me about creating a custom party for her husband’s 40th birthday party and about purchasing our Rocketship  DIY Printable Party for her son Emmett’s birthday. Emmett is a HUGE fan of all things space, NASA and astronauts! This week she sent me pictures of both parties and I am so happy to share them with you!

Emmett’s party was at the Boynton Beach Children’s Museum in Florida and Eryn did a wonderful job decorating the space. She even used the Rocketship printables in creative new ways that I’ve never even thought of! Great job Eryn!

Thank you so much for sharing Eryn! I am so happy Emmett’s party was a blast!

Love this rocket ship party? The Rocketship Collection is available in my Etsy shop!


{NEW TO SHOP} rock star collection


Back in September, my daughter and her friends partied like rock stars for my girl’s 8th birthday. The fun began weeks earlier with concert ticket invitations, complete with backstage passes. The day started with cool hair, cool accessories, hot tattoo’s, a lot of Rock Band and some cool sweets (edible microphones and pop rock chocolate bark anyone?). The grand finale was a swag bag filled with extra accessories and rocking cool treats. It’s been a long time coming, but now your kids can party like rock stars too! We love crafty Tracey is proud to present the Rock Star Collection DIY Printable Party!

This collection includes everything you need to rock your party! Concert tickets and backstage passes, party circles, bottle wraps and labels for your swag bags. Everything is customizable, you  just send me the info I need to customize your party collection when you order, and all you need to do is print, cut and party like the rock star that you are! The Rock Star Collection is 50 PERCENT OFF, but it’s only for a limited time. Find links to the NEW collection in the Etsy shop below! Now turn up those speakers and rock that mic!

Get your Rock Star Collection here on Etsy!

{NEW TO SHOP} rocketship collection!


Are you ready to blast off into space? I am packed and ready to go with the new DIY Printable Parties Rocketship Collection! This is the second We love crafty Tracey DIY Printable Party for BOYS!! 

If you have an aspiring astronaut dreaming  of his own launch into space, this collection will send him blasting off to the Moon-Saturn-Mars and back again! This collection includes everything you need for initial blast off (invites), orbit (party circles, decor, bottle wraps and more!) and a soft landing back home (loot bag toppers). It’s also customizable, just send me the info I need to customize your party collection when you order, and all you need to do is print, cut and decorate! Time to blast off? Don’t forget to rocket past the shop and grab your Rocketship Collection for 50 PERCENT OFF! It’s only for a limited time. Find links to the NEW collection in the Etsy shop below! Now blast off!

Get your Rocketship Collection HERE on ETSY!

vintage racecar banner featured on ‘i wanna go fast’ etsy treasury


Get outta town in your racing car! I am so very excited to discover that my Vintage Racecar Happy Birthday Bunting has been featured on the I wanna go fast Etsy Treasury today!

I took another screenshot to commemorate the occasion 🙂

There I am in the 3rd row, no.3! That anyone, adult or child, likes what I do is always an incredible honour and compliment.

This treasury was put together by Jewelry by Pamela in celebration of hitting the Daytona 500 tomorrow. There are some fantastic coordinating items in her treasury for little boys planning a racing party for their birthday!

Thanks so much for including my banner in your treasury Pamela. Have a great time at the Daytona 500 tomorrow!