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Baking | Pastel Ombre Cake + Marshmallows


Oh, I have another ombre cake for you today and I have to say, this picture is killing me! The gentle pastel ombre frosting , the matching pastel marshmallows, aaaaah! Gorgeous!

And the dinner table at this engagement party, oh how I wish I was there to sit and dine and chat. You must take a look at the entire engagement party on Design*Sponge. It is simply gorg!

Image by Chantal Andrea Photography for Finch & Thistle Event Design via Design*Sponge.

How To Frost A Cake


I love a rough frosting on a homemade cake. But sometimes I want that perfectly smooth facade to decorate. One of the best tutorials for frosting a cake, for that clean, smooth surface perfect for decorating is over at Whisk Kid. So I had to share.

zombie BRAINS! cake


I’ve been having mucho fun with Creepy Food Week this year. Lots of new ideas, lots of  creepy food creeping out my family, and there is lots more to come! Are you enjoying Creepy Food Week so far? If you enjoyed yesterday’s zombie dinner, then you’ll enjoy this quick and easy tutorial for Zombie BRAINS! Cake.

Yesterday I was craving sweets. It happens about once a month and yesterday wa the day where I just wanted something sweet, but I wanted to tie it into zombie dinner night. Just last week my daughter was asking for jelly rolls. She loves them, much like I did as a child. I don’t buy these very often much to my daughter’s chagrin, but I was craving sweets, thinking about brains and it hit me, jelly roll brain cake! Sliced up they kind of look like what you would imagnie a slice of brain to look like, yes? 

You don’t need very much to make a Zombie BRAINS! Cake. Just a package of jelly rolls, toothpicks, and a round base to stick on the jelly rolls. If I had thought of this idea earlier in the day, I would have baked a half circle cake using my round casserole dish. A round casserole dish makes the perfect half circle cake. But since I was a late starter, I opted for a round loaf of sour dough bread. Which made this a no-bake dessert! And I’m totally OK with that, I mean really, since when do zombie’s bake anyway?

So, it all starts with a package of jelly rolls. There are six to a package, but I only used five. That means there was one extra for the three of us (me and bot of my daughter’s) to share!

Using a serrated knife, cut your jelly rolls into 1/2 – 3/4″  slices.

Place your cake or loaf of bread onto a serving plate or cake stand. Starting at the top of the loaf, begin placing your jelly roll slices onto the loaf. Secure each slice with a toothpick by pressing it into the center of the jelly roll and into the loaf of bread. Press the toothpick into the jelly roll so it is recessed into the jelly roll. We don’t want to see the toothpicks.

Keep placing jelly roll slices around the loaf, working from the top to the bottom.

Keep your jelly roll slices as close together as possible. This gives the cake a really nice brainy texture.

You may need smaller pieces as you work around the bottom edge. Simply un-roll your jelly roll slice until it is small enough to fit into the bottom edges. What to do with those extra pieces of un-rolled jelly roll? Eat them! Go ahead, treat yourself, you’re working hard.

Keep placing your tiny slices until the entire bottom edge is covered. Once your entire loaf is covered in brainy slices of jelly roll, serve with a blank stare while moaning “BRAAAAAINS!”

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy Zombie BRAINS! Cake tutorial! Tell me, will you be making a Zombie BRAINS! Cake for Halloween?

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bunting on the brain


I have to admit I have bunting on the brain this morning. I have always been a lover of colorful swags of bunting and have a pile of fabric alloted to make about 10 different sets in my ginormous fabric stash.  Bunting galore is on my wall of intention.

But this morning,  I am working a HUGE new printable collection and part of this new Sweet and Simple collection is bunting: for walls and cake. I do so adore mini bunting, don’t you? I think it’s my favorite. You can use it for EVERYTHING! Decorate cakes, cupcakes, savory foods, mugs, tables, chairs, note cards, gift cards and gift tags. Seriously, everything.

Which is why I am loving these bunting gift tags by Baby Jives:

Super sweet, yes? Sweet to give and super simple to make. Seriously one of the best ways to motor through your stash of fabric scraps. See, now there is no reason ever to get rid of your fabric scraps, hello bunting gift cards and tags! 

Jahje Bath Ives of Baby Jives has posted a sweet tutorial. You should go check it out and then get your craft on. Christmas is coming 🙂

{loving} edible accordian fans


I am loving this edible accordian fan cake. I suppose these could be rosettes as well, but they do remind of the accordian fold fans which I have been dremaing of lately. I want to create a backdrop of accordian fans and this cake, this cake would be the perfect centerpiece. Now how do I make those little fans? Scalloped cookie cutter and hand scoring?

Darling Detail

…photography by elizabeth messina via kiss the groom via Luna and Chloe Weddings

{loving} meringue polka dot cake


Lately I am loving the simplicity of a simply iced, tower of cake. So versatile, so easy for anyone to bake (even those that claim they can’t bake), and ultimately beautiful in their simplicity. Pastel meringue kisses on a simple chocolate iced cake, how lovely.

Head to Ladies Home Journal for the recipe.

diy cake stands


In all my research for the diy tiered stands, I found a few (just a few) cake stand tutorials that were oh so loverly and must be shared. 

Kate’s recycled cakestands on Design*Sponge

DIY Vintage Cake Stands on The Go Green Blog
DIY Vintage Cake Stands

DIY cake stand tutorial on Eat Drink Pretty

OMG, I am LOVING the yellow!

How to make a Homemade Cake Stand on Wandering Chopsticks
How to Make a Homemade Cake Stand 12

Love this crystal!

See, oh so loverly!

Knitting and Cake


Somehow this week has escaped me before I managed to post more about knit handbags and cake pops. I must have been hatching a plan for these lovelies.

Yes, I knit them. Knit what you ask? I dare not tell...yet.

I may also have been hatching a plan for dessert tables and parties, what fun!

I am off to teach and make more cake pops this weekend for my FIL’s birthday party on Sunday. I must use up some more of the caketastrophe leftovers from the butterfly cake. I will post a tutorial Monday for those of you that may want to make some cake pops. They really are quite popular and there are so many combinations to be eaten!

Whatever projects you may embark on this weekend, may they be crafty and full of cake!

1st Birthdays


When my daughters turned one, I planned super big, super lovely cakes for their first birthdays.

Ro's 1st birthday cake

Sidda's 1st birthday cake

But I also wanted to make them a special little cake of their own in the shape of a one. The very first time my daughters had cake was on their first birthdays, so I wanted that moment to be special and memorable. I wanted those pictures of cake covered, blissfully smiling babes enjoying the texture and taste of cake for the very first time.

Ro's 1 cake

Cakey goodness!

Sidda's 1 cake

Mmm, cake!

We were not disappointed!

A History of Cake


We have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, so I am in party prep mode! My youngest is turning three. I can hardly believe she is turning three! We really are leaving the land of baby and toddlerhood and entering the world of a true, bonafide little girl. How is this possible? 

Sometimes I have to remind myself that it really was three years ago when she came into our lives on a beautiful spring day. That we really have celebrated birthdays before this one. I like to do that by looking back at the cakes I made for past birthdays.

 Was it really that long ago when I made the special 1st birthday cake just for her (which barely lasted a second, note the finger marks)

Sidda's First Birthday

and the bright pink flower for the rest of us?

Flower cake

I so clearly remember making that pink flower, I had so much fun making that cake! Was it really that long ago?

Are we sure she is turning three and not two? Are we really leaving toddlerhood behind? Yes, yes we are because for her 2nd birthday I made her a wishberry cake (you know, a dandelion gone to seed).

Wishberry detail

Wishberry cake

In many ways, the wishberry cake was one of my favorites.

This year I am making her a butterfly cake. You’ll have to wait to see the butterfly cake, but check us out all week as I walk down the memory lane of cake. I will be posting pics of my eldest daughters cakes. Sigh, they really are growing up.