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Happy New Year!


desktop-wallpaper-january-dream-bigMay your new year be full of big dreams. Go download your own dream big Jan 2014 calendar at Tickle the Imagination. Isn’t it super pretty?

Some of my favorite quick and easy teacher gift ideas


It’s the last week of school in Ontario! So naturally, I’m thinking of teacher gifts this week. Since I only have a couple of days to get something together, it’s got to be easy to pull together or crafty.

I like our end of school gifts to be a sweet gift meant to spoil or treat our teachers to something sweet over the summer. I have put together a couple of these ideas for past teachers and they were always well received, but I don’t have a staple end of school teacher gift. Hmm, maybe I should work on that.

Are you putting something together a little last minute too? Maybe some of my favorite (and quick and easy) teacher gift ideas will help you pull together a perfect thank you!

A reusable travel cup filled with packets of iced tea via Lisa Storms. Maybe even tuck a little gift card in there.

Decoupaged scissors with the cutest “You’re a cut above the rest!” tag via Crap I’ve Made. These would also be perfect for your favorite hairstylist!

A hit the beach kit to start the summer off right via The Rachel Berry Blog. Wrap a towel, sunblock, magazine and a snack and attach card. I am really liking this one!

I have always been a firm believer in edible gifts or gift cards for teachers, so I love the “Thanks a latte for all that you do” gift card holder via Skip to my Lou.

Which is your favorite?

Celebrating | Father’s Day


I must get off the computer and start preparing for our weekend away. We are going to enjoy our yearly ritual of heading to the beach, BBQ, the girls painting my husband’s car with hand prints and hearts (it’s water soluble paint for those that just about had a heart attack). A weekend of celebrating dad.

But before I head off, I just had to put together a fill-in-the-blank Fathe’rs Day card for your kidlets to give their dad on Sunday. Let them fill-in-the-blanks and tell dad how much they love him, and think he’s super awesome.

So if you’re still looking for the perfect card for dad (er, your husband), head over to Scrib’d to download my new We Love Dad cards for Father’s Day.

Wishing all the dad’s a fabulous Father’s Day!

Celebrating | Mother’s Day


I have completely dropped the ball on Mother’s Day goodies and crafts this year. I’m not even sure how it came to be Friday already! Really? Friday? Mother’s Day is two days away? This was my realization today, why did I think it was Thursday? I must start preparing for Sunday.

Honestly, for me, preparing for Sunday isn’t going to take very long. Our Mother’s Day celebrations are very simple. No big brunch, just the yearly ritual of breakfast in bed with my girls and lots of snuggles and giggles. A ritual I look forward to every year! I don’t think we’ll ever host a Mothers Day brunch as long as my girls want to snuggle in bed with me over pancakes and coffee and handmade cards. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I like the magic of simple. Of course, I adore and love the quiet time, the clean house, and the trips to the spa, but even without those gifts of love and appreciation, I already feel like one lucky and blessed mama. Every day, every single day, my girls and I express our love for each other. We leave each other love notes, pick flowers, hug and snuggle. There is no doubt that I am very loved. My youngest must deplete the paper supply in her kindergarten classroom professing her love to me in notes and drawings. Those notes and drawings make everyday feel like Mother’s Day. They are free-form, honest and brimming with love with every letter and flower and every heart. Beautiful.

Every few years one of my girls hands me a card they made at school. I have always loved the fill-in-the-blank cards. And that’s what inspired this card, my new freebie for Mother’s Day. My eldest daughter brought home a card like this so many years ago. I kept that card. It was beautiful. Her preschool printing, the honest love, being able to read those things that were most important to my daughter at that time. The things she remembered and held dear. Magical.

And that dear reader, is what I wish for you. That moment when you sit quietly with tears rolling down your smiling face as you read what your child holds most dear, all the ways in which they think you’re amazing. Because tears will flow when you see how amazing you are in the eyes of your child. Please tell me I am not the only one who tears up at moments like this. Please?

I also think there is nothing in the world quite like a personalized card, for any occasion. So forward this to your partner, or just leave this page open on your computer for a little while, so they can head over to Scrib’d and download these fill-in-the blank Mother’s Day cards. And have a fabulously, beautiful Mother’s Day.

Celebrating | Colour


Does it look a little brighter around here? More changes coming, subtle, pretty, yeah. What do you think?

Celebrating, just because…


…it’s that kind of day.

Hope you are having a fantabulous day too!

Celebrating | Happy Birthday Box of Gumballs


My nephew celebrated his birthday recently. We gifted him a box of gumballs with a little something-something tucked inside.

He was delighted.