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Crafty Goodness | Fish Scale Globe


I think this fish scale pendant lamp is amazing! This crafty DIY would be perfect for decorating paper globe lanterns as well. They would lovely hanging over the table at a party with an Under the Sea theme, don’t you think?

Tutorial to make your own fish scale globe over at Design*Sponge.

Crafty Goodness | Poolside Roll Up


I am loving this handmade roll up. And get out, it’s made from bath towels! Perfect for the pool yes, but I am all over bringing this to the beach. I wonder if I have time to whip one of these up for the weekend.

Want to make one? Check out the tutorial over on Design*Sponge.

Easter Crafting


Oh my goodness Easter is less than a week away! I did finish all my shopping last week, so this week I can focus on Easter crafting! Starting with an old family favorite… that didn’t quite happen.

I bought all the supplies: cheese balls, green ribbon, green tissue. The clear, disposable piping bags I already had on hand (we all know I love my piping bag crafts). Then in a moment filled with feelings of inadequacy, I opened those cheese balls and ate them! Well, I shared some with the girls, but I ate them. This is no sad loss, as I was not the only crafty mama who had plans to make piping bag carrots.

I am loving the Goldfish crackers in these “carrots” made by Party On! Event Planning and Design. Goldfish work perfectly! And I do love those tags.

I love making these Easter carrots as gifts for my girls, nephews and nieces as an alternative to chocolate and jelly beans (truth be told, I really dislike most jelly beans. I am a solid Jelly Belly Beans girl!). They offer a little savory amongst a world of sweet, and they are perfect for portable snacking. Perfect for those Easter parties in the classroom, yes?

I will have to get more cheese balls… or Goldfish.

Crafty Goodness | Crafting Evergreen Trees


I just love and adore handcrafted fabric evergreen trees. There is something cozy and wintry about a fabric or felted triangular tree, something primitive and comforting. While I work on a pattern for rustic tea-stained muslin and embrodiered trees, I thought I’d share a stand of handcrafted trees that I have been admiring.

Felted Christmas Trees by The Purl Bee

Plush Fabric Evergreen Trees by Quietude Quilts

Evergreen Trees Tiny Forest - Natural Evergreen Pine tiny forest of 6 Christmas tree plush toy fabric trees

Hardwood Christmas Trees by Clickity Clack

Set of 12 Medium Size Hardwood  Christmas Tree Turnings

Softie Christmas Trees on Squawkfox


Such crafty goodness! Will you be crafting some trees for Christmas?

Crafty Goodness | Felt Coffee Cozies


I am loving these sweet, yet simple felt coffee cozies. Simple line of coloured felt around a coffee cup, with cozy zig-zag stitch detailing. Find instructions on how to make yours at The Purl Bee.

stuffed bats


Staying in the Halloween crafting spirit, I have another bit of crafty goodness for your Halloween party. Stuffed bats!

Inspired by these Handmade Surprise Balls made by Chara of Love, Me Boutique (which I think are brilliant), needing something for my Fang-tastic printable, and I’m on a bit of a treat packages kick right now (you saw the Ghostly Goodies from yesterday, yes?), and I was looking around the studio and thinking “what can I do with all these black crepe paper streamers?” Yup, a variety of circumstances led to me to stuffed bats. It’s amazing how the world works.

Just like yesterday, these are super simple to make, and a lot of fun. All you need is black crepe paper streamers, the Fang-tastic DIY Printable Party collection OR a set of bat wings, white paper, glue, and a selection of Halloween treats!

Lay out a bit of streamer, place your first candy and start to roll into a ball.

Roll and wrap the streamer around the treat until it is completely covered.

Add your next treat or sweet and continue wrapping.

Keep adding sweets and treats until your bat is a good size, then secure the end with glue to keep all the treats inside the bat.

Cut out your bat wings and secure to the back of the bat with glue.

Cut out two triangles from the white paper, glue them on the front so the vampire bat has vampire teeth. And there you have a stuffed bat!

Fill up a table with these and your guests will go batty! Ha ha, ha. NO, seriously, I’d like to see an entire table filled with these stuffed packages. I think it would look awesomesauce, an army of vampire bats ready to take off. Awesome.

Will you be making some creepy treat packages for Halloween?

with flowers in our hair – Wearable Wednesdays


In the many crafts I make with and without my girls, many are of a wearable nature. I love to adorn myself and my friends and my family with handmade wearable items. It is with this love of wearable craft in mind, I thought I would start highlighting such crafts. So welcome to the first installment of Wearable Wednesday!

My daughters and I love to wear flowers in our hair.  Over the weekend, I thought we should try our hand at making hair bands with big rolled rosette flowers. They were very simple to make, but I didn’t realize how quickly the would come together! The fantastic thing is they are so simple that my daughter made her own all by herself.

pink rosette!

We got a little carried away and decided to make one for each of us and then one for a friend’s birthday.

3 out of 4

mine is red

Every once in a while I watch my daughters walk by with a flower in their hair and a big smile.

pretty in blue

I think we will be making, many, many flowers throughout the summer. I have so many different flowers I want to make, and some really big ones! I love a big, luxurious flower.

Want to make one? The technique we used was just like the no sew flat rolled rosette on Shanty2Chic. We didn’t use buttons, otherwise the process is the same. Check it out, then make your own rosette headband!