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Crafty Goodness | Bottlebrush Tree Terrariums


One last Christmas craft at the dining table, just before Christmas weekend! A festive bottlebrush tree terrarium! Another simple craft the girls loved because they could put these together all by themselves.

I love these because they are simple, winter scenes which remind you of a forest of pine after fresh fallen snow. I can almost see us walking amongst the trees breathing in the scent of pine and leaving footprints in the snow.

Our house of craft is always full of crafty supplies and I recently picked up bags full of bottlebrush trees from the dollar store to bleach and dye. I have mad love for pretty coloured and glittered bottlebrush trees.

But we put a couple packs aside for terrariums. I just had to grab some glass jars and artificial snow, also from the dollar store, so the girls could create their wintry scenes.

The larger trees didn’t fit inside the jars, so we cut off the base right at the bottom of the tree for a perfect fit.

The girls used hot glue to attach their trees to the lid.

Sprinkled the lid with a handful of sparkly, artificial snow, and then carefully screwed the jar back onto the lid.

They currently reside on our dining room table so we can enjoy them at supper.

It has been such a crafty Yule in our house. I hope you have enjoyed this week of Christmas crafting as much as we have enjoyed the crafting!

Alas, I am not quite done! I do have one more stocking to finish. Are you trying to finish any last minute craft projects?

Crafty Goodness | Wooden Thread Spool Trees


This is the latest craft to hit our dining room table. Simple pipe cleaner trees set atop wooden thread spools. Simple and just a little bit primitive, just how I like my decor for Yule. They now live on our mantel with our super huge pinecones, just above our new hand knit stockings. Lovely.

Want to see how I made them?

I started out with some plain wooden thread spools. I found a lovely poem about Yule which I formatted to fit the spools perfectly. Then I just printed the pieces, cut and glued them to the spools using white glue.

To make the trees, I used two pipe cleaners and wrapped them around my finger, starting at the widest point of my finger…

…and ending at the narrowest part of my finger for a slightly angled tree.

Once the pipe cleaners were fully wound around my finger, I gently slipped them off and made a few adjustments to make sure they were molded into a nice tree shape.

Then I attached the pipe cleaner tree to the wooden spool using hot glue. I also added some red velvet ribbon around the top of the spool to cover the tree base and any stray glue.

I love how these turned out. I especially love that if you take the time to read the prose, you are treated to a lovely read about the joy of love, family, friends and the Yuletide season.

What poem or verse would you put on the spool?

Crafty Goodness | Accordian Fold Upright Trees


This dining room table of ours has seen a lot of crafting lately. This accordian fold upright tree is our latest creation. I intended to make a paper rosette tree, but my crafty little girl came up with this idea, and so we changed course and made an upright tree instead.

This one was a little trickier than a simple rosette tree, especially with thin wrapping paper and it does require a needle a thread, so one could say this a sewing craft.

All you need to make this accordian fold tree is a long strip of paper, or multiple pieces of patterned scrapbook paper which are then folded and glued together until you have a full circle.

Using a needle and thread, run the thread through all folds at the top of your tree, no more than 1″ below the top of the edge. Pull the thread through and arrange all the folds so you have a standing tree, then tie the thread in a knot and cut ends.

Hot glue your decoration of choice to the top of the tree (we used a red ball ornament), and you’re done!

Maybe this pictorial will help:

Let me know if you try your hand at making an upright accordian fold Christmas tree. I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Crafty Goodness | 3D Paper Ornaments


One of my daughters’ favorite tree ornament crafts this year was this 3D paper ornament. After a quick demonstration they could make them without my help (they love it if they can do it without any help at all) and they got to use the craft punch. Hand them a craft punch and they’ll be occupied for at least an hour punching up a storm. Yes, we have lots of home made confetti.

These are simple and easy to make. All you need is some pretty scrapbook paper (I used the paper from my Candy Christmas DIY Printable Party), a circle or scallop circle craft punch, a bit of ribbon, some glue and the tutorial below.

Happy crafting!

ghostly goodies


My head has been awash in inspiration these past few days, and very little of it has been Halloween inspired! But starting today, I am going back into Halloween mode, tis the season after all and a very short-lived season at that!

I thought I would start with a Halloween treat craft. I’ve had some emails about these sweet ghostly goodies I presented a couple weeks ago during the launch of my Happy Halloween DIY Printable Party. Remember this sweet girlie ghost that I am so in love with?

The Ghostly Goodies treat packages really are super easy and fast to make. You can easily whip up a dozen in an hour.

To make these ghosts, all you need is the Happy Halloween DIY Printable Party Collection, toilet paper rolls, crepe paper streamers, glue, and some treat bags filled with sweets! Then it really is just wrapping the toilet paper roll in crepe paper and securing with glue, adding the ghost onto the front and slipping the treat bag into the toilet roll on the back!

A cute treat package for your kidlets to carry around with them while they munch. And it’s all paper, so nothing breakable. Always a plus at parties don’t you think?

I put together a quick pictorial so you can see how I made these sweet girlie ghost treat packages.

Super simple right? The great thing about the treat packages is that they don’t have to be ghosts, they can be zombies, vampires, jack-o-lanterns, any of your favorite creepy Halloween characters. All you need is an image that is slightly taller than the toilet paper roll. The possibilities are endless!

Are you going to make some treat packages this Halloween? Leave me a message in the comments below, or better yet, if you make some treat packages, send me pics. I would love to see them!

{diy} ribbon flower headbands


If you’re like me, you just might have a BIG love for flowered accessories. Big, giant flowers! I have a serious love for giant flowers to wear in my hear, on a sash, on my lapel, love, love, love them! My daughter is quick becoming a lover of giant flowers, so I got to work making these zebra print flower headbands for her party guests.

Yup, that’s me. I love how these turned out, so I thought I’d share the process with you, just in case you would like to make one, or 6, of your own!

To start, gather your supplies. You will need ribbon, a needle and thread or a sewing machine, felt, fabric glue or a glue gun and an elastic headband.

Cut approx. 1.5 meters of ribbon. You need to gather your ribbon so your flower has that nice ruffly look. You can do this by hand or on a sewing machine, although sewing machine is faster. To gather your ribbon, sew a running stitch along one side of the ribbon.

Your running stitch should be loose and your stitches should be approx 1/4 inch long. If using a sewing machine, you may only need to increase your stitch length by a couple of settings and set your tension to the lowest setting.

If sewing by hand, keep your stitches approx 1/4 inch long and loose. I would insert the needle up and down through the ribbon multiple times before pulling the thread through, so it looks like this:

This keeps your stitches nice and loose and once you get into a groove, the sewing goes by fairly quickly. Once you have a running stitch along the entire length of the ribbon, gently slide the ribbon along the thread to create the gathers. If you use a sewing machine, you will end up with a tangled, gathered mess of ribbon like this:

Don’t worry, that is just what you want.

Next, cut out two circles of felt approx 3 inches diameter.

Using your fabric glue or glue gun, run a line of glue along the edge of the felt and press the end of your ribbon into place. Do not tug or try to straighten your ribbon, gently smooth out the twists and place the gathers evenly as you press the ribbon into the glue.

Continue gluing the ribbon in a spiral pattern onto the felt, gently smoothing the ribbon and placing the gathers as evenly as possible, until you reach the center.

If you hit the center with excess ribbon, trim the ribbon down to about 1 inch. Fold in the raw edge of the ribbon and secure with glue. This will ensure you have a clean, finished edge at the center of your flower and will prevent the ribbon from fraying. Fold the ribbon backwards so the patterned side of the ribbon is facing out on both sides. Place a dab of glue in the center of the flower and press your fold of ribbon into the glue.

At this point you can leave the flower as is, or you can embellish the center with a button. I chose to leave the centers as is for this flower.

Once you flip your flower over, you will notice the glue seeping through the felt, so you’ll want to cover that up with the second circle of felt. Run a line of glue along the outer edge of the felt backing and gently press the second felt circle on top. Now you have a clean, finished back!

Cut a small rectangle of felt. You will use this to secure the flower to your headband. Place your headband flat along the center of the flower backing. Add a line of glue along both short edges of your felt rectangle and press it onto the flower backing.

This will secure your headband to the flower while still allowing your headband to stretch.

Let set according to the directions on your glue. Most fabric glues require 24 hrs to set; glue gun sets in about an hour.

Wear your ribbon headband with your beautiful smile and proudly declare “I made it!” when asked where you got that lovely flower in your hair!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below and I will get back to you! Even if you don’t have a question, leave me a comment, I love comments!

canada day food: layered jello


One of my all-time favorite desserts is a big bowl of Jell-O smothered in Cool Whip! I have a serious preference for lime Jell-o, although I do have a stash of margarita Jell-O in the cupboard, mmm good!

For Canada Day it has to be Strawberry or Wild Berry Jell-O in wee little mason jars of course!

Simple layers of Jell-O and Cool Whip, red-white-red just like our flag. Neatly contained in a small jam jar with a little wooden spoon tied on with twine and sweet little bow to top it all off! One sweet little handful.

Display them on a plate with napkins and anyone at your Canada Day BBQ can grab one and eat while they mingle.

I picked up the wooden spoons at Michael’s from the wood crafts section. They are in the Woodsies line.

Phew, it’s a been a busy 24 hours of crafting. I’m going to grab one of those Jell-O treats before they’re gone!

I really hope this Canada Day craftapalooza has inspired you to get your Canada Day craft on! Whatever you are doing this long weekend, I hope it involves sparklers!

canada day crafts: utensil caddy for kids


Am I the only one that saves tin cans in a variety of sizes? I have a growing collection of tin cans, much to my husband’s despair. Until he steals my cans for his gardening projects and then I’m his hero less one can. But I digress.

They come in handy for many crafts (punched tin candle holder anyone?) and when you are a crafty household, you need all the craft supplies you can get your crafty hands on! What if you have a group of kidlets coming for Canada Day dinner and you want to whip up some utensil caddies? You need tin cans! Well, and some scrapbooking paper.

For Canada Day, I filled our caddies with a bottle of water, a straw, utensils (decorated with my Canada Day printable collection), and way down there is a pack of sidewalk chalk for drawing on the driveway or sidewalk.

You can fill your caddy with anything you need to make meal time as easy as possible. Having hot dogs? Throw in the some condiment packages! Have a wait at the buffet line? Throw in some small toys to keep them busy. The possibilities are endless! Fill them up and set them up at each kidlet place setting on the table. It will give you a little more time to get things ready, and keep them busy checking out the contents of their can, win-win.

You NEED some tin cans now, don’t you?

canada day crafts: party favors


What is everyone’s favorite Christmastime treat? Christmas crackers of course! A small tube of fun, filled with candy and toys. Well, I never could understand why they were only available at Christmastime. It still doesn’t make sense to me which is why these tubes o’ joy pop up around these parts more than once a year! I like to offer the kidlets a homemade party favor filled with sweets and treats and these are especially fun to make! Especially if you are putting some Pop Rocks in them, mmmm, crackle, crackle, pop!

Can you guess the everyday, in the bathroom item you need for these party favors?

Oh yes, the toilet paper roll! Don’t you always have a  ton of them lying around for craft projects? Please tell me it’s not just me?

All you need to make thess party favors are toilet paper rolls, red napkins, ribbon, tape, and a selection of candies and/or small toys.

Stuff the larger candies or lollipops into the toilet paper roll, then wrap the roll in a red napkin and secure with tape. I always tape the napkin to the toilet paper roll efore I start rolling to help keep it in place. Trying to roll a sliding napkin, not so much fun, and these are meant to be fun!

Tie one end with ribbon. Make a nice bow, or if you are using the curling ribbon, curl it up nice!

Place any remaining candies or gum balls in the open end and tie closed with another nice bow.

Decorate (I used the party circles from my Canada Day printable) and leave out for the kidlets, or adults, to enjoy!

Yes, those are little girl hands. They had to help, I don’t blame them one bit, fun craft AND candy!

If you’re stuffing these with Pop Rocks and gum balls, feel free to invite me to your Canada Day celebration. No really, I’ll come! Crackle, crackle, pop!

canada day crafts: firework cupcake toppers


Am I getting you in a crafty mood yet? I think this next Canada Day craft is sure to light your fire!

Anyone serving up some two-bite brownies or cupcakes tomorrow? I ate all the two-bite brownies last night, soI need to run off and grab some more for tomorrow, they are a holiday favorite around here. We like to light them up for Canada Day, make them sparkle with live sparklers, but we also like to dress them up with some kid-safe firework cupcake toppers!

All you need (besides the brownies of course) to make these firework cupcake toppers are lollipop sticks (you could also use long toothpicks), tape and tissue or crepe paper or paper napkins. I’m using red napkins.

First you want to open your napkin to make a large rectangle, cut along the folded edge, and put one piece aside. Fold the other piece with long sides together to create a long thin rectangle amd cut along the folded edge again, place one piece aside. With the remaining piece of napkin, cut along one edge to create fringe, leaving a .5 cm edge uncut. Fringe scissors would be very helpful at this stage.

Attach one end of the fringe to a lollipop stick with a bit of tape.

Start rolling! Roll the fringe around the lollipop stick and secure the end to the lollipop stick with tape until it is quite secure.

Fluff your firework and place in a brownie!

I think these firework toppers work perfectly with the party circles and flags in my Canada Day DIY Printable Party Holiday Collection. But if you want to stick with fireworks,  you can make them in a variety of different colours for a full firework display! They do look quite magical in sparkly paper.