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Easter Peeps cupcakes


Easter is tomorrow and if you’re still looking for a quick table centerpiece for your Easter dinner, I have another edible centerpiece that is quick and easy to put together.¬† Baby chick cupcakes!

All you need are some cupcakes, Easter Peeps, edible nest and some chocolate eggs.

Make as many Easter chick cupcakes as you need for your guests, then find suitable trays or platters for serving. I used these white platters I found at a local dollar store, filled them with bright coloured gum balls and placed my cupcakes on top for a colourful table display.

Add some flower sugar cookies and you have a pretty (edible!) flower garden for your nesting baby chicks. Pretty, simple and edible, perfect for an Easter centerpiece!

Are you ready for Easter?

Baking | Craving Cupcakes


Craving cupcakes + love this colour palette. I want to inject a bit of grey. Maybe I will be baking this weekend.

Happy Friday friends.

Mascarpone Cheese Cupcakes by Sara Domjan

How To Frost Cupcakes


(Left to Right) Large round tip, Open star (Wilton 1M), Closed star (Wilton 2D), French tip

When I first started decorating cakes and cupcakes, I would look at my collection of decorating tips and wonder what the frosting would look like if I used that tip, or that tip. And which star tip would make the loose ridges, not the tight ridges.

This decorating tip pictorial put together by Glory of Glorious Treats is indispensable. It will answer all those questions. You’ll want to bookmark it.

rose cupcake topiaries


A whirlwind of a week and I was off for the weekend before I got a chance to post about the rose cupcake topiaries I made for my daughter’s 4th birthday in Wonderland! So here it is, a bit late, so let’s get into it!

It was about two years ago that I first tried to convince my eldest daughter to let me throw her an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party. It all started when I chanced upon this flower bouquet. I saw this and immediately wanted to make one. I mean how awesome is a cupcake bouquet?!! Instantly my mind and mouth started singing “painting the roses red, we’re painting the roses red”. No matter what I said she was not interested in an Alice party. I bookmarked the bouquet anyway.

Then last fall I spotted this rose cupcake bouquet on Heather Bailey’s blog and I knew, I knew I was going to throw an Alice themed party for my youngest daughter’s 4th birthday. It was my last chance, it was do or die! But how to pipe those roses!

Then this past February, Amanda of i am baker posted this amazing and amazingly simple rose cake tutorial. All I needed was a 1M tip? Seriously, piping roses is that easy? Get out! As luck would have it, it was the one tip I did not have, but a quick trip to Bulk Barn fixed that. All I needed was a 1M tip! Well and a couple of pots and styrofoam balls.

Styrofoam balls were easy to find at Michael’s and with my 40% off coupons, they were cost efficient. It was a little trickier finding the right pots. I searched ALL OVER for weeks! A lucky late night trip to Home Sense yielded these green pots for $5.00 each! Perfectly shaped and a much better price than the pots I was finding in just about every other store. How much do I love Home Sense? Lots!

I also spent about a week searching for the right cupcake liners. I really wanted brown liners for the rose stem and could not find brown liners anywhere in town. Then I opened my baking cupboard one afternoon to an avalanche of candy melts, only to find a cupcake kit from Valentine’s Day 2010 which included lightly polka-dotted brown cupcake liners. Perfect! I love how things just fall into place. Ha ha, pun was not intended. ūüôā

I wrapped the styrofoam balls in a single piece of green tissue paper and placed the ball on the pot. If your ball sets into the pot snugly, no taping or gluing needed, just wrap and place. These are 10″ balls, but you can use any size ball for a bouquet or topiary, just choose your pot first, then head to the styrofoam balls and pick the size that fits best.

Bake your favorite cupcakes in cupcake liners. A 10″ inch ball can easily fit up to 24 cupcakes, so you would need to bake 4 dozen of your favorite cupcakes. I didn’t want a fully covered topiary, I wanted some green space because the rose bushes in the Alice story are not brimming with roses, so I put a dozen cupcakes on each ball. Starting at the top of the ball, I inserted two toothpicks per cupcake, spaced about 3/4″ apart and pushed my cupcake onto the two toothpicks. I moved around the ball, placing toothpicks and cupcakes until I felt the topiary was covered with just the right amount of cupcakes.

You can see more of the toothpick/cupcake process over on Cooking with Carrie.

If only I had pictures of me icing these cupcakes because that was an adventure! It was certainly a test of my piping abilities. Just picture me holding a piping bag, elbows sticking out, standing in a semi-squat bent over sideways depending on which side I was piping. It was quite a sight to see. But it does keep the icing perfect. No squishy marks on the cupcakes or distorted icing that would surely happen if you iced the cupcakes and then put them on the ball.

To ice, use an icing with consistency that will set on the cupcake and not fall off. Any homemade buttercream or ready-made Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines icing in a can will work. Then fit a piping bag with your 1M tip and you’re ready to go!

To make a rose, start piping in the center of the cupcake and slowly move your tip in a circle around the center until you hit the outer edge. Seriously, that’s it! It’s all in the tip!

If you have to move the topiary to another table in the house, move gently and you should be ok.  If you have to transport in the car, have someone hold topiary in their lap on top of a cardboard flat or apron, just in case a cupcake falls off the ball. Expect to lose a couple of the cupcake sitting lower on the ball, so always travel with a few extra cupcakes and a piping bag filled with icing, just in case you need to touch up on location.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I hope it has inspired you to craft a rose cupcake topiary, I would love to see it if you do!

wonderland part 3 – the queen’s royal garden


Welcome to Wonderland Part 3 – The Queen’ Royal Garden! If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, you may want to check them out, because today we are focusing on the third area of my daughter’s birthday in Wonderland was the Queen’s Royal Garden and Croquet Court. It was fun creating and designing the details for this little part of the party. I really wanted to create the experience of going to the Royal Croquet Grounds through the Royal Garden, passing the Cardmen painting the roses red.

One of our favorite moments of song from the Disney version of Alice of Wonderland is “painting the roses red”. We dance around the house singing this song regularly, so I was really excited to create this area of the party and design the printables to go along with the theme.

At the same time, I didn’t want it to be over the top intimidating. I wanted the crafting to be accessible to mama’s out there who might want to create this experience for their little girls. I understand not everyone will want to create the rose bushes, but I will still say yes you can make them! They were a test to my piping abilities, yes, but they weren’t impossible, they were a fun challenge. One that I will do again!

So party details. After a game of The Queen of Hearts Says (a modified Simon Says where those who miss the cue get a loud “Cut off her head!”), the girls were led through the Royal Garden on the way to the Royal Croquet Court.

Rose bushes were waiting for the girls.

Some of the cupcakes were white, some were mostly painted red with a little white peeking through the paint, but most of them were painted red just in time for the Queen’s arrival. Oh the Queen of Hearts was not happy about those white roses!

Aren’t these rose bushes lovely?

Believe it, these roses were REALLY easy to create, it’s all in the tip!

Once the Cardmen heard the Queen was coming, they threw themselves on the ground between the rose bushes.

Even though they hadn’t quite finished painting the roses red.

The Cardmen were sandwiches wrapped in custom printables – they were a mix of my daughter’s favorite sandwiches. I really loved these and am so pleased with how they turned out!

Hot water and tea in custom envelopes were set out for the adults to enjoy while the girls explored Wonderland.


As the girls passed through the Royal Garden, they were encouraged to make up a plate with a sandwich and a cup of tea for a light snack before a final game of croquet.

It really was a such a joy to design this part of the party. I only¬†designed these few pieces for the Wonderland party, but just in case there are mama’s out there who only want to host a Queen of Hearts tea, I created a luncheon printable party collection which is now available in my Etsy shop! It’s 50% OFF for the next week.

Interested in how I made those rose cupcake bushes? Next week I will post a quick walk through of the process. Sadly, I don’t think I have any pictures of me decorating the cupcakes, but I can point you to the blogs that I used as resources. It’s too bad really, I’m sure I looked crazy piping those roses.

So what do you think about¬†the Queen’s Royal Garden? Want to try your hand at making those rose bushes? Seriously, they were easier than they look and so, so much fun to craft! As always, I would love¬†to hear from you. If you have a moment, please leave me a message¬†in the comments! It always makes my day when¬†you pop by.

what can you do with our free easter egg printable?


With Easter less than a week away, the world is a flurry of shopping and preparing Easter crafts. But Easter celebrations needn’t be elaborate if you don’t have the time (our family will be away enjoying a family luncheon, so we are keeping it simple this year). This week will be full of simple paper crafts you can craft for Easter using the free Easter Egg printable up on Scribd!

The free Easter Egg printable is designed to make it easy for you to create bottle wrappers, cupcake toppers, lollipop covers and egg wraps for your Easter table. Yes, all in one printable! It’s all in how you cut it.

Let’s start with the simplest (and most obvious), the bottle wrappers.

All you need to create bottle wrappers is the free Easter Egg printable sheet, scissors, tape and a bottle of water, or a bottle of bubbles!

Simply cut out a strip of eggs,

 tape to the bottle,


and voila, a simple and colorful bottle wrapper!

The cupcake toppers are just as easy! One sheet of the free Easter Egg printable creates 10 Easter Egg cupcake toppers. All you need to create cupcake toppers is the free Easter Egg printable sheet, scissors, tape, lollipop sticks and some cupcakes, or cake pops or mini donuts, or your favorite sweet treat.

Cut out each Easter Egg. Attach to lollipop sticks using a bit of tape.

Stick into a cupcake!

Two simple, and the most obvious, crafts you can create with the free Easter Egg printable on Scrib’d. But seriously, wouldn’t a tray of cupcakes with Easter egg cupcake toppers be terribly cute?¬†

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you how to use the free Easter Egg printable to create quick and easy egg wraps!

easter egg cutouts on scribd!


Yesterday,¬†was the launch of the¬†new Easter Egg Holiday Collection DIY Printable Party! The entire DIY Printable Party collection is up in my¬†Etsy shop. Have you gone over to see it yet? It is super fantastic ūüôā As I promised yesterday, there is¬†a set of¬†solid coloured Easter Egg¬† Cut Outs now available for FREE on Scribd!

These easter eggs are simple, sweet and they¬†fully coordinate with the¬†¬†Easter Egg Holiday Collection DIY Printable Party available¬†in my shop!¬† Now what can you do with these? Sooo many things, but I’m not going to leave you hanging! Hop on back next week when we’ll start in on the Easter crafts you can do with our printable set!

Gotta hopppity hop hop off to the kitchen, I’ve got party treats to bake!

{loving} poured fondant


I am generally not a huge fan of the taste of¬†fondant. I LOVE the look of fondant, but not so fond of the flavour. I am that girl who peels the fondant off and then eats the cake. Which I don’t mind doing because the look of fondant is so very, very pleasing. I love the fondant cupcake and cookie tops for their smooth, fresh colors and designs (and their peel-ability). And then I was introduced to the idea of smooth, poured fondant on cupcakes!

I have always loved the look of petite fours, those smooth, candy-coloured squares of girlie goodness. Now I can recreate that look on cupcakes? Oh yes, thanks to this tutorial over at Cake Journal. Again, it was a tweet from Sweetapolita which introduced me to Cake Journal (thanks Rosie!) and this oh so loverly idea of covering cupcakes in poured fondant. Again, my wall of intention of grows, and I think I may end up growing with it!

Now I must go back to Cake Journal, there is a world of sweet to discover over there!

{loving} rosie’s pinkalicious cherry cupcakes


Need I say more? How could I not love these, they are  irresistible!

Rosie of Sweetapolita (a Canadian!!) is the creator of these pinkalicious confections which she shared on¬†Frosting for¬†the Cause. I’m thinking my soon-to-be four year old would love these on her birthday.

If you haven’t been to Sweetapolita or Frosting for the Cause, you’ll want to go now! Rosie makes the most amazingly beautiful cakes and confections, and she’s Canadian! As in Ontario, for all my local SWO-ians!!! How amazingly sweet is that?

You’ll also want to bookmark Frosting for the Cause.¬†It is a round-up of¬†365 sugar cookie and cupcake bakers/decorators and bloggers from across Canada and the United States who will take turns posting an inspired recipe all in the support of cancer. All year long. I know I’ll be checking in daily!

diy tiered stands


This past Tuesday eve I was out for a coffee date with some of my crafty girlfriends. One of them is recently engaged, so of course there was a lot of conversation about her upcoming wedding. We looked at dresses on our phones, brainstormed color choices, contemplated overall wedding style. You know, an evening of grand fun and inspiring wedding¬†talk! Her plan is to have a 50’s inspired tea party with dainty desserts. She mentioned she would like to forgo flowers for centerpieces, instead using 2 or 3-tier stands to display a selection of petite fours. This of course sent me off asking about using vintage or new, round or square, plain or fancy. You can find lovely vintage tiered¬†stands in thrift shops that would work perfectly for a 50’s inspired tea party, but there are also some lovely new choices.

There is always the chance¬†that you won’t find what you want readymade. But, if you find plates that you love, you can make them yourself! I found some lovely inspiration and tutorials on how to make 2-tier stands that I must show her and you of course!

Skip to my Lou

Cindy over at Skip to my Lou posted a tutorial on how to make this cupcake stand earlier this week. Love those plates!

She led me to the Giver’s Log, where she found her inspiration.

Giver’s Log

AmberLee posted a tutorial on how to make an interchangeable tiered stand earlier this year. All I can say is look at that flower hardware! Soooooo pretty!

Wandering Chopsticks

Wandering Chopsticks has a lovely tutorial on How to Make a Homemade Tiered Cupcake Stand that doesn’t require any motorized tools.

How to Make a Tiered Cupcake Stand 7

B, time to get our craft on!