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Crafty Goodness | Fish Scale Globe


I think this fish scale pendant lamp is amazing! This crafty DIY would be perfect for decorating paper globe lanterns as well. They would lovely hanging over the table at a party with an Under the Sea theme, don’t you think?

Tutorial to make your own fish scale globe over at Design*Sponge.

Parties | DIY 3 Tier Stand


I am loving the warm, sunny weather we’ve been having! It looks like we have officially entered the season for outdoor parties and picnics. So if you’re looking for a new tiered server for your next backyard gathering, and you happen to live within traveling distance of an IKEA, you’re going to love this diy from A Fabulous Fete.

A modern server (actually an accessories stand) prettied up with a bright paint job. So very summery! Want one? Go check out Lauren’s diy on A Fabulous Fete, and seriously stay a while. I am just loving her blog! Huuuuuge fan in mad love right here! Can you tell?

Crafty Goodness | Wrapped Flatware


A lovely way to jazz up your silverware with a little colour. Wrap in embroidery floss, hold in place with little dots of glue. A pop of colour and a sweet texture for your fingers to hold onto. Love that placemat.  Full deets over at A Fabulous Fete.

NEW IN THE SHOP | Happy Holidays Collection


I am so very eager for snow! So far our December has been a rainy one and it has left me wondering, when is the white stuff going to fall? Not that I’m looking forward to shoveling, but I am looking forward to hosting an afternoon of snowman making so I can use my new Happy Holidays Collection DIY Printable Party!

I am loving the bright blue and green of this collection. Although we don’t typically have a green Christmas in these parts, in many parts of the world a green Christmas is the norm and I designed this collection with that in mind. Like South Florida. It’s always a green Christmas in South Florida and I do love the sight of Christmas lights wrapped around a palm tree.

What I am especially loving about this collection (besides those donut snowmen) are my new paper trees.

I meant to get these paper trees into the shop last year, but the month of December got away from me. This year I knew I had to get these paper trees into a collection because I love them, and I had a feeling you would love them too. And well, they look positively festive in blue stripes.

This collection is perfect for those fun in the snow kind of holiday gatherings, but it is also perfect for winter birthdays! Do you want to have a holly, jolly birthday? I don’t why, but I want to sing “It’s a jolly, holiday with Mary!”

The Happy Holidays Collection is in my Etsy shop for 50% OFF for the next week. Invites are listed separately so if you’ve already invited friends over, you’re not paying for something you don’t need!

Grab it now so you’re ready when the snow falls, or for when your snowman inflatable is dancing across your lawn!

tinsel wreath ornaments


Loving these tinsel wreath ornaments I found today over on The Sweetest Occasion.

This simple and cute tree ornament was made by Jenny of Hank + Hunt and seriously, who doesn’t love her stuff?! You’ll never guess what these ornaments made from! Ok, maybe you will, but either way, you should totally hop on over to The Sweetest Occasion and check out the tutorial. I am off to search for some mini tinsel garland.

ghostly goodies


My head has been awash in inspiration these past few days, and very little of it has been Halloween inspired! But starting today, I am going back into Halloween mode, tis the season after all and a very short-lived season at that!

I thought I would start with a Halloween treat craft. I’ve had some emails about these sweet ghostly goodies I presented a couple weeks ago during the launch of my Happy Halloween DIY Printable Party. Remember this sweet girlie ghost that I am so in love with?

The Ghostly Goodies treat packages really are super easy and fast to make. You can easily whip up a dozen in an hour.

To make these ghosts, all you need is the Happy Halloween DIY Printable Party Collection, toilet paper rolls, crepe paper streamers, glue, and some treat bags filled with sweets! Then it really is just wrapping the toilet paper roll in crepe paper and securing with glue, adding the ghost onto the front and slipping the treat bag into the toilet roll on the back!

A cute treat package for your kidlets to carry around with them while they munch. And it’s all paper, so nothing breakable. Always a plus at parties don’t you think?

I put together a quick pictorial so you can see how I made these sweet girlie ghost treat packages.

Super simple right? The great thing about the treat packages is that they don’t have to be ghosts, they can be zombies, vampires, jack-o-lanterns, any of your favorite creepy Halloween characters. All you need is an image that is slightly taller than the toilet paper roll. The possibilities are endless!

Are you going to make some treat packages this Halloween? Leave me a message in the comments below, or better yet, if you make some treat packages, send me pics. I would love to see them!

diy mini pinata


I love frilly tissue paper, but in these colours! Oh it makes me think of tropical waters at dawn and dusk. I just want to crack that baby open ad look inside. I think there’s something special hiding in there.

diy cinco de mayo pinata

You can make these! There is a tutorial over on Ruffled blog that walks you through the process step by step. If you’ve never made your own mini pinata’s or maracas before, you must try it at least once. It takes you right back to grade school when life was sweet and simple. Simply sweet.

Hope you are all having a a simply sweet week!

{loving} custom colored sprinkles


I do think this may be a week of show and tell. I have found so many tutorials over the weekend showing me how to make some loverly sweets, and I am compelled to tell you about them!

I discovered this tutorial last fall while I was working on a dessert table in lovely pastel colors. I should have posted about it then, but again today it caught my eye in my Favorites folder and I didn’t want to let it get away this time. Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up!

Colored sprinkles_11

How pretty is this picture? I mean really, romantic pastel sprinkles, hello loving these! This is the reason I need petal dust.

Jessica at Such Pretty Things (and these are such pretty things) posted this tutorial last January showing how to make custom colored sprinkles. Oh upcoming petite fours, I think you need a little sprinkle of these.