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Crafty Goodness | Family Tree Embroidery Pattern


I am a little in love with this sweet family tree embroidery pattern.

The perfect fall project.

Get it at Cozy Blue on Etsy.

we love crafty Tracey – Parties


It’s an exciting day! My lifelong passion for craft, party prep and planning, breathing it, immersing in it, writing about it, has led to this moment. Everything is in place and I am ready to introduce you to We love crafty Tracey – creative studio and We love crafty Tracey – parties!

We love crafty Tracey is now a bona-fide business (with a business license and everything!) encompassing all things crafty and party. I have been selling my knitting patterns for some time now under my own name. When I started the We love crafty Tracey blog, I thought it would be lovely to offer my patterns under the same name, since it’s much more fun!  

The crafty offerings will be expanding this year. In June I released the I Love WaterPlay and the I Love Woodland Creatures embroidery sets.  In May I released the first round of Stitchable Stationary for an art show. They were such a hit that I have put together another 6 sets soon to be released online. That’s not all the crafty goodness! I have rug hooking patterns on the go, new quilt patterns to test out, and some more embroidery on the way!

The other We love crafty Tracey division launching today is We love crafty Tracey – parties. I am so super excited! I have been a life-long planner of parties and baker of sweets, it truly is a passion and vocation I am in love with. Earlier this year, after the urging of many friends, I decided to take my passion for parties and sweets and turn it into  We love crafty Tracey – parties, designer of DIY Printable Parties and event styling specializing in dessert tables.

So unbelievably excited, and that’s not all that is happening! The launch of my Printable Parties line is coming up with the release of my first printable party, and I have to say, I really love it!

Could there be a better way to start the summer?

We love crafty Tracey creative studio

We love crafty Tracey parties

I Love Woodland Creatures


The I Love Woodland Creatures embroidery set is now available as an instant downloadable PDF in my Scubbly shop!

I Love Woodland Creatures

Picnic in hand, blanket in tow, off into the woods we go! Nothing like a picnic lunch in the wood to watch the creatures play. Mommy and baby deer frolicking in the bramble, foxy foxes, and those crazy squirrels on an eternal quest for the golden acorn. Oh the wood and all its creatures, now you too can show your love of the wood and its creatures in places where others would least expect it!

One downloadable PDF 8 1/2 x 11″ sheet of embroidery patterns with instructions to get you started!

Print the patterns from your computer, transfer to fabric by tracing with a transfer pen or carbon transfer paper and stitch!

Again, go check it out, buy it, stitch it and share it!

I Love Water Play


The I Love Water Play embroidery set is now available as an instant downloadable PDF in my Scubbly shop!

I Love Water Play

Rain, rain don’t go away, in the water I love to play! Sloshing around in rubber wellies under the shade of my umbrella, gazing at rainbows, swimming in the waves, running through a sprinkler or diving into the pool, we love playing in water! Now you too can show how much you love to play in water, stitch it up and show it off!

One downloadable PDF 8 1/2 x 11″ sheet of embroidery patterns with instructions to get you started!

Print the patterns from your computer, transfer to fabric by tracing with a transfer pen or carbon transfer paper and stitch!

Go on, check it out, buy it and stitch!

Just keep swimming, er diving


I’ve been working on another sample for my I Love Water PLay embroidery set, soon to be available in my Scubbly store. It originally started out as a rug hooking pattern (and it still shall become a pillow), but I thought she would be lovely embroidered as well.


I think she is turning out quite swimmingly, don’t you?

Globe Show and Sale


I spent the weekend at the studio with my studio mate for the Globe Studios Spring Show and Sale. Patterns and Stitchable Stationary were set up on the table.

Our table!
Handmade items adorned the walls.

Framed mini yo-yo quilts on display in the studio.

Embroideries adorn the walls in the hallway.

Guest artists lined the halls, including art students from a local school.

Guest artists

The show had good attendance all weekend. Shoppers and artists loved the coziness of the green and purple walls of the studio and our offerings, especially the embroidery about pancakes. I don’t think a single person walked by without commenting on it! I think I have a new pattern in the making.

Stitching a stitchable card


I spent the night teaching, and then enjoyed the rest of the evening with a friend setting up the studio for the weekend and stitching one of my stitchable cards. I thought it would be nice to have at least one sample card finished, so everyone at the show can see the finished product. I think this one is my favorite in the set. What do you think?

My favorite!

Tomorrow I have plans to install one of the projects I have been keeping under wraps. I’m hoping to get another card stitched up for Friday. Wish me luck!

Stitchable Stationery


I have long been a maker of cards. As a child I scribbled, painted and cut and pasted cards for birthdays. As I got older, I moved onto intricate paper cut designs, pasted or sewed buttons, and eventually moved into sewn details and embroidery. I have been enjoying an inspiration in embroidery lately, which has brought me back to handmade cards.

With the Globe Show and Sale coming up, I thought it would be fun to design a set of stitchable cards so others can create mini works of embroidered art to give to friends and family on special occasions. I’ve been busy designing, testing, printing and packaging a set of six stitchable cards and after two days of completing designs, printing and stuffing envelopes they are finally finished and ready for the show.

Choose your color!

Labels and instructions.

I love rainbows!

I think this one is my favorite.

The complete package.

The Stitchable Stationery set comes with 6 stitchable cards, 6 envelopes, instructions, a needle and all the embroidery floss you’ll need. Only 6 of them available! Come on down to  the Globe Show and Sale this weekend to get one!

Ready to go!

Worshipping the Golden Acorn


I started stitching these squirrels last Thursday while waiting for my daughter’s school play to start. As I got a moment this weekend, I added a stitch here and there. I’m still amazed that it came together so quickly! I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture of it in progress.
Worshipping the Golden Acorn

I still need to press it, but I thought it was too cute not to share it right away!

This is a sample for my I Love Woodland Creatures embroidery set that is soon to be listed in my Scubbly store. I just have to some more stitch samples to put together! Off to stitch!

It’s a rainy day


It’s been a rainy day. While my youngest dances round the family room I embroider. One stitch here, one stitch there. Stitches in between those moments of swirling and twirling and curtsies.

On this rainy day it only seems fitting that I am working on a sample for my I Love Waterplay embroidery package (coming soon to a Scubbly store near you!). Sprinkling outside and a sprinkle of stitches inside.

A sprinkle of stitches