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Crafty Goodness | Hot Chocolate Favors


Another tutorial today, one of my daughters’ favorite party favors. Seriously, every year she asks if I’m going to make her hot chocolate cones again. She loves them! And what kid wouldn’t really, a giant cone full of hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and other tasty treats. Yeah, its a hot chocolate lovers dream, and a foodie crafters’ delight! They’re easy to make and the combinations are endless!

The hot chocolate cone favors I made this year, and used in the new Happy Holidays DIY Printable Party pictures included chocolate mint marshmallows and chocolate spoons. Sometimes I crush up some peppermints and layer hot chocolate mix, peppermints,chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. One of my combo is hot chocolate mix, crushed chicken bones (you know, the cinnamon candies filled with chocolate? Not real chicken bones, that would be eeeew!) and mini marshmallows. My other favorite would be hot chocolate, salted caramels, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Mmmmm yum!

If you’ve never made hot chocolate cones before, they are super simple to put together. All you need is hot chocolate mix (I pick mine up in bulk), 6 or 8 inch pastry bags and any toppings you like in your hot chocolate.

First, I fill my pastry bags with 3/4 cup of hot chocolate mix using a 1/4 mixing cup. The 1/4 cup fits perfectly inside the bag for gentle pouring of the hot chocolate mix and minimizes the amount of hot chocolate powder on the sides of the bag.

Pour in 1/4 cup of hot chocolate powder into the pastry bag and gently shake your pastry bag so the hot chocolate powder fills the tip of the pastry bag.

Add another 1/2 cup of hot chocolate powder so the pastry bag is is a little over 1/2  full.

Now it’s time to layer the hot chocolate toppings! For these hot chocolate cones, I set a chocolate spoon into the center of the hot chocolate mix.

Filled with marshmallows until the bag was 3/4 full.

Then I gave the bag a nice, tight twist. 

I closed the top with a twist tie, covered the twist tie with some ribbon and added a favor tag from my new Happy Holidays Collection.

Now go grab some supplies and get crafting your own hot chocolate cones! What topping combinations will you try?