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Parties | a baby shower at home


Sometimes you see the simplest of parties and you just sigh with sweetness. That’s what I did when I saw this baby shower held in the loveliest of homes. I wish I had a porch such as this!

Naturally simple, with sweet details, delightfully put together. This is my idea of a sweetest gathering. One other touch I love is this bunting fashioned from vintage handkerchiefs.

I went on a search last Mother’s Day for vintage handkerchiefs to make a garland. And I cannot find them now. Sigh. This has inspired me to take up the search again.

Photography by Ashley Oostdyck via A Subtle Revelry.

The drape of a garland


In Sweet Paul’s brilliant magazine, there is a sweet garland made of paper straws. As sweet as it is, it is not so much the paper straws that I love, as it is the drape of the garland that has caught my eye. The styling of this shot, I simply love it.

Crafty Goodness | Origami Hearts


I need to work on my origami skills, but these hearts I found over at How About Orange just may tempt me to practice.

a quick and easy garland


I set up my first photo booth this past Sunday for my daughter’s 9th birthday party. I spent last week crafting ribbon flowers and planning the cake and putting together speech bubbles and planning the backdrop of the photo booth. I knew there would be crepe paper streamers in hot pink, black and white, but I really wanted to see some zebra print in there. The main decor theme was hot pink and zebra after all.

After a week of crafting and other work, I really just wanted a quick and easy garland that I could hang in between the streamers to give the backdrop that pop of zebra. So out came the zebra print paper and my 2″ scallop craft punch. Can I say how much I love my craft punch? Seriously, everytime I pull this baby out I say to myself “Man I love this punch!” It makes my life that much easier. AND it can be used for sooooo many projects. But I digress.

So, I pulled out the zebra print paper, my beloved craft punch, some white thread and some tape. Tape? Blasphemous! Yes, tape. I wanted quick and easy so I opted for tape. Thanks to the tape, it took me no time at all to put together four garlands.

I simply punched out about 60 scallop circles, and then cut and laid out four lengths of thread. I slipped each circle, back-side facing up, under the thread and used a small piece of tape to secure the thread to the paper circle. Repeat, repeat, repeat until my garland strands were the length I needed for the backdrop. Super easy! Need a pictorial?

It really is just that easy. Thank you tape! Once you’ve made as many strands as you need, just hang where ever you need a touch of colour, or zebra.

Yes, that’s me. Having more fun that I can shake a pinwheel at 🙂

{loving} gum ball garland


Just when I think I couldn’t adore gum balls (and their many uses besides chewing) any more than I do, I see this:

Source: Martha Stewart

Oh to throw a candy land party!