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halloween dessert table


At last the final bit of Halloween fun! I can hardly believe the season is truly over and yet I am head over heels excited with all the Yule inspired projects coming up. But let’s end the Halloween season with a fabulous display of sweets!

I hope you enjoyed that yummy Halloween feast for the eyes and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

orange and black halloween dessert table


I am finally getting aorund to posting about two Halloween dessert tables I styled over the weekend. This first one was a kid’s table and I have only a few pictures that I was able to take very quickly while a group of hungry children waited in the hallway. I was barely able to get out alive!

The host had a beautiful orange wall in the hallway next to the Great Room, perfect for a Halloween dessert table! The theme for the table was all orange, black and touches of white (recognize those candy cones?). The table was covered in orange, black and white candies: candy corn, orange and black m&ms, jack-o-lantern wrapped chocolate balls, candy sticks, gumballs, candy corn flavoured dots and jack-o-lantern sugar cookies.

Come back later for a peek at another Halloween table complete with glitter and creepy creatures!

creepy food week: day 7


A quick post on this Hallow’s Eve to show you our last meal of creepy food on the Third Annual Creepy Food Week!

Tonight’s meal: Ghosts in the Graveyard!

ghosts in a foggy graveyard

Mashed potato ghosts in a rolling mashed potato fog frolicking between chicken nugget gravestones.

ghosts hiding behind gravestones

Yes, I did color the rolling fog with a dab of black food coloring to give them more of a grey fog look.


I piped these mashed potato ghosts using an icing bag and used tiny pieces of black olive for the eyes. If you ever pipe mashed potatoes, BEWARE, they are hot on the hands. Wrap the outside of the bag with a paper towel to buffer the heat from your skin.

I am off to bed after a fantastically full week of creepy food. We are a little sad around here now that our Third Annual Creepy Food Week has come to a close. It has been a super fun year, but I do need a year to refresh myself with some new ideas! Although, tomorrow is the Day of the Dead, maybe some Batwing Quesadilla’s will be in order.

Happy Halloween!

creepy food week: day 6


Just a quick pop in to show you our creepy food on the 6th day of Creepy Food Week!

Tonight’s meal: Spiders!

Spider burger!

Spider burgers actually!

a family of spiders

I must have starved the girls today, they were eager to eat! My youngest even picked off those eyes on her own!

this spider doesn't creepy me out

These were terribly yummy, burgers, pretzel legs, and hashbrown webs, mmm yum!

Tomorrow is Halloween, our last creepy food and then trick-or-treating. We are busy carving pumpkins and gourd lights and putting together costumes, so off I go to carve some more creepy jack-o-lanterns. Hope you are having a creepy weekend!

creepy food week: day 5


Here we are at the fifth day of our Third Annual Creepy Food Week! I can hardly believe Creepy Food Week is almost over. Only two more creepy dinners await us for 2010. My family has requested creepy food Halloween night as well, despite the hustle and bustle of the day. Looks like I will have to start dinner early Sunday, as I never want to disappoint an eager crowd! On to tonight’s creepy meal!

Tonight I was in a breakfast-for-dinner kind of mood, of the bacon and eggs variety. This gave me the perfect opportunity to try out yet another creepy idea.

Tonight’s meal: Skull and Crossbones!

Skellegton and Crossbones

This meal required careful timing. I like to prepare each plate and set the table so everyone can enjoy the big reveal at the same time. I thought this would be tricky, especially with the over-easy eggs, but it turns out it was easier than I expected. I prefer my eggs to be runny, but my girls like their eggs a little firmer so I was able to prepare their eggs first and let them sit while I made the second batch for my husband and myself. But I also wanted a  hot dinner, no cold, soggy toast and bacon here, so I did this in steps.

are you looking at me?

I arranged everything I needed on the counter so I could move quickly. I fried the bacon and toasted the toast, then placed them on a cookie sheet in the oven on a low temperature while I started the eggs. I had two frying pans frying the eggs, also on a low temperature, so I had some time to manipulate the eggs before the whites fully cooked. If you try this, you have to move fast to crack all four eggs and move them around to get the right shape before the whites cook. Load the pan up with butter, even if using non-stick so you can easily move the eggs around and lift them out of the pan without bursting the soft yolks once they are finished.

don't speak no evil

Once the first batch was finished, I quickly prepared the plates and put them aside while I went back to the frying pans for round two.

skull fracture

Even though this last one didn’t turn out perfectly (skull fracture), I was finished way before I expected and we all sat down to perfectly soft over-easy skulls and and crossbones.

My eldest daughter got a kick out of jabbing the eyes open and peeling the skins back to expose the soft innards, which looked very creepy indeed. I think I may need to whip these out for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

creepy food week: day 4


It’s the fourth day of our Third Annual Creepy Food Week! Can I say this week has been so much fun! I love everything about Creepy Food Week, the brainstorming, planning, prep and the big reveal to gasps of delight and mutters of disgust. I may very well be cooking for Creepy Food Week until I die!

Tonight I tried another new dish, a twist on the classic spaghetti and meatballs. This is another dish my daughter has been asking for lately (she loves her Italian!) and luckily, I had already planned to make this spaghetti and meatball creature. I really wanted to preface the meal with a viewing of The Addams Family this afternoon, but errands got in the way. I should put it on for her tomorrow and see if the memory of her meal comes flashing back to her.

Tonight’s meal: Cousin ITT!

close-up of Cousin ITT

Making Cousin ITT couldn’t be any easier! I pre-mixed the spaghetti and sauce and carefully draped forkfulls of spaghetti onto the plates to get that typical Cousin ITT shape. You really can’t mess this up! Cousin ITT is all hair, sometimes straight and brushed, sometimes wild and crazy, so everything goes! Cousin ITT did wear sunglasses quite a bit, so I cut sunglasses out of black bristolboard (I wanted them to stand up to the sauce) to complete the look.

My eldest daughter had a vague recollection of Cousin ITT, my youngest had no idea but laughed at the sight of a hairy person on her plate. It wasn’t until they all removed the sunglasses to start eating when they realized all was not as it seemed.

there are eyes!

Once my youngest saw these googly eyeballs staring out at her from her plate of spaghetti she shuddered and pointed to the bowl of meatballs and sauce, “Can I have one of those?” “You have meatballs on your plate honey.” “No want those, I want those ones, pleeease?” Again, she wouldn’t touch them, she just tried to pretend they weren’t there.

Here’s hoping she has fond memories of Creepy Food Week!

creepy food week: day 3


Welcome to the third installment of the Third Annual Creepy Food Week!

Tonight I tried something new for creepy food week and it was super fun! My daughter has been asking for pizza since last week and it just hasn’t happened. Again, thanks to checking out that issue of Phyllis Hoffman’s Celebrate Halloween in the grocery aisle, I had images creeping around in my head for some creepy pizza.

Tonight’s meal: Spider Web and Owl Pizzas!

Spider Web Pizza
This one turned out fantastically creepy! I used a pizza kit that my husband has loved since childhood to make the pizza and used black olives for the spiders.

black olive spider
To make the spiders I cut colossal black olives in half and cut up another colossal black olive into strips for the legs.

Owl Pizza

The owl was fun and easy to make. I sprinkled shredded cheese to create the shape of the owls body, face and eyebrows. I used pepperoni to create wings and eyes. I added slices of fresh mozzarella balls and black olives to enhance the eyes and used red pepper to make the beak and eyebrows.

My youngest daughter, who loves black olives, did not want to eat the spiders. She wouldn’t even touch them!  Everyone else just gobbled them up, very happily.

Come back tomorrow for more creepy food week, which reminds me, I need to take out the hamburger!

creepy food week: day 2


Welcome to the second installment of the Third Annual Creepy Food Week!

Tonight I brought out an old favorite of my husband and eldest daughter’s, with a twist. I have made these during the first and second Creepy Food Weeks, and they asked for them again this year, so I added to the theme to kick up the surprise.

Tonight’s meal: Mummy Dogs and Mashed Potato Pyramids!

mummy dogs and a mashed potato pyramid!

The mummy dogs are regular all beef hot dogs wrapped with prepared crescent pastry dough. I cut the pastry dough into strips before wrapping the hot dogs. The eyes are little droplets of mustard.

mmmm mummies!

To make the mashed potato pyramids, I piped the mashed potatoes onto the plate in a triangle and smoothed the sides.

mummy dog!

Again the meal was greeted by the joyous refrain of “Yaaay, mummy dogs!!! Ooooh pyramids, how did you do that?”

Can’t wait for tomorrow, I’m trying something new!  Are you getting in on the fun? Tell me about your creepy foods!

creepy food week begins!


Today is the first day of our Third Annual Creepy Food Week! My family has been vibrating in anticipation of their favorite week of the year (or so they tell me) and very excited about what creepy food I will place before them this year. What is Creepy Food Week you ask? Muah-ha-ha-ha, let me tell you!

Two years ago I was inspired by a magazine layout of creepy sandwiches. It was my eldest daughter’sgrade 1 year which meant it was my first year packing lunches and  I loved packing lunchtime surprises. I would leave her love notes and messages, but it was October and I was inspired and I had a hand cookie cutter. I went in search of new and exciting creepy foods to make for her lunches, but found that most of the creepy foods were sandwiches and desserts! 

Every year there is an incredible seletion of creepy sandwich and dessert ideas for crafty mama’s to bake and create for their families, but I really wanted creepy dinner foods. I finally found a few magaines that featured creepy dinner foods and by the time the week before Halloween rolled around, I had a full weeklong menu ofcreepy food to surprise my family.

I still remember that very first meal (Googly-Eyed Tacos) and the shock on my daughter’s face (she actually jumped back a step!) when she discovered her food had eyes! That first reaction and the excitement everyday afterwards started a family tradition. Now each year, the week leading up to Halloween is Creepy Food Week!

This year I have some fabulous new creepy food ideas, and a couple old favorites from the past two years. But tonight was the first night of creepy food.

We have been renovating our basement and have been working on it all day, so I needed a quick and easy creepy meal tonight. Thanks to the Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween Magazine I was reading over the weekend, I am full of inspiration!

Tonight’s meal: The Monster Monster Sandwich with Pet Spider

The Monster-Monster Sandwich and Pet Spider

The Monster Sandwich

The Monster-Monster Sandwich is made out of a full loaf of calabrese bread, filled with a variety of deli meats, cheese, a dash of herbed olive and vinegar and a spritz of mustard. His eyes are made of fresh mozzarella balls and green olive with pimento slices, with a red pepper tongue. The arms and legs are made of pepperoni sticks with colossal black olive shoes.

Pet Spider

Pet Spider is a spoonful of veggie dip with carrot legs and black olive eyes. Yes our girls love black olives!

My daughter’s response when she walked into the dining room was to stop dead, quietly gasp, then say “oh wow, that is amazing!”

Welcome to Creepy Food Week!