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Happy Halloween and Fang-tastic


It’s October! The month of Halloween and spooky decor and beautiful Fall foliage and harvest festivals and Creepy Food Week! There is just so much to LOVE about October. It truly is one of my favorite months, seasons, holidays. And I cannot believe it is already here!

My shop has been woefully unprepared for Halloween! So I spent this afternoon making sure my Halloween printable parties are ready to go. I mean, Halloween is just around the corner! And we are especially lucky this year; Halloween falls on a Friday this year!!! Party time friends, Halloween party time!

And finally, my Fang-tastic and Happy Halloween parties are now available in my Scubbly shop! I’m feeling the black, orange, and purple vibe this year, so I wanted to get my Happy Halloween party up for you, just in case you’re going the traditional black and orange route this year too.

I love these two parties. I may just be adding a third one this month, its very bewitching in black and purple, perfect for the tween set. Definitely check back, but in the meantime you will find two perfect Halloween themes ready for instant download!

Find my Fang-tastic DIY Printable party in my Scubbly Shop!

Fangtastic Collages

Find my Happy Halloween DIY Printable Party items available separately in my Scubbly shop!

Happy Halloween Collage Scubbly

I’d love to hear about your plans for Halloween this year! I’m on the lookout for a pair of Maleficent horns, let me know if you see some!



happy halloween


ghostly goodies


My head has been awash in inspiration these past few days, and very little of it has been Halloween inspired! But starting today, I am going back into Halloween mode, tis the season after all and a very short-lived season at that!

I thought I would start with a Halloween treat craft. I’ve had some emails about these sweet ghostly goodies I presented a couple weeks ago during the launch of my Happy Halloween DIY Printable Party. Remember this sweet girlie ghost that I am so in love with?

The Ghostly Goodies treat packages really are super easy and fast to make. You can easily whip up a dozen in an hour.

To make these ghosts, all you need is the Happy Halloween DIY Printable Party Collection, toilet paper rolls, crepe paper streamers, glue, and some treat bags filled with sweets! Then it really is just wrapping the toilet paper roll in crepe paper and securing with glue, adding the ghost onto the front and slipping the treat bag into the toilet roll on the back!

A cute treat package for your kidlets to carry around with them while they munch. And it’s all paper, so nothing breakable. Always a plus at parties don’t you think?

I put together a quick pictorial so you can see how I made these sweet girlie ghost treat packages.

Super simple right? The great thing about the treat packages is that they don’t have to be ghosts, they can be zombies, vampires, jack-o-lanterns, any of your favorite creepy Halloween characters. All you need is an image that is slightly taller than the toilet paper roll. The possibilities are endless!

Are you going to make some treat packages this Halloween? Leave me a message in the comments below, or better yet, if you make some treat packages, send me pics. I would love to see them!

friday crafts


Happy Friday! I am in the midst of party planning prep for my daughter’s 9th birthday birthday coming up this weekend. It will be a weekend of crafting, baking and set up and I am excited to get to the baking and set up. I am eager to pop open my bucket of fondant. Apparently, it is supposed to smell and taste similar to cotton candy. Right there I was sold. Smell and taste like cotton candy?!?! My favorite candy ever! Sold! I am eager to crack the lid and breathe in that sweet aroma. That and well, I haven’t played with fondant since April and am super excited to get my fingers into that sticky sweetness.

This morning I finished the zebra flower headbands for the party which turned out beautifully. I did have a moment last night when I started the first flower when I thought they were not working out quite like I hoped. It looked all wonky in the beginning, but by the time I curled the center in on itself, it was just as I pictured in my head. I hope the girls like them!

Here’s a quick shot from my mobile:

Come back the tutorial coming next week!

This afternoon I am putting the last item together for my new Happy Halloween collection, soon to be in my Etsy shop! I am seriously in love with the ghost. Would you like to see her?

I don’t know what it is, but I adore her.

I feel like the luckiest girl, a weekend of crafting and baking and mini makeover birthday party, oh yeah! Wishing you a fun and crafty weekend too!