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New To Shop | Cherrylicious


Ready for a little retro goodness? A little retro, cherrylicious goodness? Becuase today I added my new Cherrylicious DIY Printable party to my Etsy shop and it is totally cherrylicious!

I have wanted to create a girlie retro cherry theme for the longest time ever! I have always loved the polka dot and cherry combo, so very girlie, so very 1950s retro, so very rock-a-billy, baking housewife, little girl twirling in a circle skirt that spins above the waistline. Oh yeah! With a bit of feminine scalloped edging and ribbon trim. yes, I think this is it!

This collection makes me want to don my favorite party dress with a pair of peep toe shoes and twirl around serving Shirley Temple’s with a side of cherries jubilee! I think little girls and big girls alike will love a little cherrylicious party. Oh the ways you can spin this collection whether your birthday girl is turning 3 or 30. Cupcakes or cocktails, you choose!

Do you love this collection as much as I do? So girlie, so fun, so makes me want to sit in the grass with a basket of cherries and teach my girls how to knot a cherry stem with your tongue. If only I knew how.

The Cherrylicious DIY Printable Party Collection comes with everything you need to create your own retro girlie party, including party circles, bottle wrappers, banner, tent cards, party flags, favor tags and scrapbooking papers for a little crafting and cupcake wrapping. 

You can grab the entire Cherrylicious Collection in my Etsy shop!

Need some invites to go with that party collection? Invitations are available separately.

I think I just might have to watch CryBaby while I bake a cake. Now where are those peep toes?

{NEW TO SHOP} happy halloween!


Are you hosting a Halloween party  this year? Get excited because I have just launched my latest DIY Printable Party collection for Halloween!

I have been so eager to share this classic black, orange and white collection with you! If you want to host a Halloween party in traditional colours with a whole lot of sweetness, this may be the collection for you. A little spooky with a frightful BOO, but mostly full of sweetness with plenty of candy corn and a cutie patootie ghost wearing a bow on her head and I am totally in love with her!

The Happy Halloween collection has everything you need to craft a sweet and spooktacular party! Invitations with a DIY crafty flair, 3 sheets of party circles, 2 sheets of bottle wrappers, tent cards, favor tags, 3 party signs, ghost cut outs, mini chocolate bar wrappers, a Happy Halloween banner, and 10 sheets of coordinating decorative papers so you can create your favorite paper decorations in coordinating patterns. I used the paper to cover the tops of some loot bags, line platters and decorate lollipop stands.

We all know I love gumballs! So I had to make a giant candy corn out of gumballs and an icing bag. I just couldn’t resist.

And because I love a simple party DIY, you can decorate your invitations with a party circle of your choice! Simply, print and punch out your favorite party circles and attach at the top of your invite (guide circle provided on the invites). Candy corn and jack-o-lanterns for the boys and cutie patootie girlie ghost for the girls!

Seriously, I love her!

The Happy Halloween Collection is now available in my Etsy shop!

And because I’m so excited to finally be able to share this with you, I am launching the collection with a 50% OFF sale!

Get the collection for $10.00 until Oct 5, 2011!

{NEW TO SHOP} zebra diy printable party


The Zebra DIY Printable Party is now in my Etsy shop! A simple collection, perfect for your 9 year old in love with make-up and nail polish or your teen who just wants something cool but not so childish.

All items are customizable, so they can say whatever your teen desires.

The entire collection is now in the shop, available separately so you can pick and choose what you want or need. And because we had so much fun with the speech bubbles, no seriously, see:

I have a whole series of shots of me holding one or two speech bubbles, but I dare not show the rest, instead you can grab the set of four speech bubbles for free on Scribd!

Get the Zebra DIY Printable Party on Etsy!

Get the speech bubbles for free on Scribd!


etsy treasury love


Are you enjoying your summer? It’ has been so quiet around here (my sincerest apologies!) which speaks for itself I suppose. We have been enjoying our summer so very much, and with only 4 weeks left to go before school starts we are going to try to enjoy every last little morsel of summertime sun and days at the beach that we possibly can. Which means, it will probably be quiet around here for a wee bit longer.

But I did have a rocking cool Etsy treasury to share with you! Stacey Iden of Break the Record included my Mix Tape DIY Printable Party Collection in her Treasury. How rocking cool is that? Screenshot!

Seriously, this never gets old 🙂

Looking for a little retro cool wedding inspiration? You should check out this Etsy Treasury, I’m seriously digging that cupcake stand.

{NEW TO SHOP} pretty little popsicles


This past weekend my family made the yearly trek to our local park for the Multicultural Festival. It always marks the first official summer outing for us and the arrival of popsicle vendors on wheels! Can you hear the ‘brrring, brrring”?

We all love popsicles in our household, especially homemade ones that we freeze in our Tupperware popsicle molds. Yeah, you know the ones. Didn’t we all have Tupperware popsicle molds as kids?

Lately I’ve been thinking about simple party invitations that are more interactive. I love simple party invites that set the tone of a party. Invites that engage and get your guests seriously excited! I remember the stir that my daughters concert ticket invites caused at her school the day she handed them out. Other kids were asking the invitee’s where they got those invitations. Exclamations of “they’re so cool!” made the rounds on the school bus. Even parents stopped me days later to ask where I got them. I love invites like that!

With that and the summer season in mind, I designed the Pretty Little Popsicles set. Oh my word, I am IN LOVE with these popsicles!

Three popsicles in orange, pink and purple, complete with invite info on the front and blank popsicles for the back side.

You can print them out and deliver as is.

But, if you have a 2″ scallop punch.

You can take a bite out of them before you deliver!

Seriously, don’t you love that? A simple punch and you’ve got a whole new look for your invites. I love it when it’s just that simple!

If you are throwing a backyard fete this summer, you and your guest may just need to cool off. A few homemade popsicles and a few popsicle COOL OFF! Fans should cool you down nicely!

Also available in orange, pink and purple with popsicle blanks for the back side. Each popsicle includes one of my favorite homemade popsicle recipes for your guest to make at home after the party. You may need to have pens and paper handy so your guests can copy down the recipes on the fans they didn’t grab. Yes, the recipes are that yummy!

Serve them with real popsicles or load up a few baskets and leave them around for guests to grab when they need a bit of air. These fans do give off a nice little breeze on a hot summer’s night.

The Pretty Little Popsicle Invitations and Fans are available in my Etsy shop!


If you love them as much as I do, I would love it if you shared them with your friends!

{NEW TO SHOP} strawberry social


This lovely summer weather we’ve been having has me craving strawberries! I hit my favorite farm market last Friday and walked away with strawberries fresh from their fields, and can we say heavenly? Nothing like fresh Ontario strawberries straight from the field, red, ripe and juicy sweet! I always look forward to strawberry season, it means strawberry shortcake, strawberry jam and strawberry wine from my favorite winery, yum, yum and yum!

With the upcoming strawberry season in mind, and the plentiful requests from mom’s for non-commercially themed Strawberry Shortcake-esque party printables, I got to work on my new Strawberry Social DIY Printable Party Collection!

And because I coudn’t choose between lime green stripes or pink polka dots on red for the invitations, you get to! Tell me, which do you like best?

Lime green stripes?

Or pink polka dots on red?

This collection is available in my Etsy shop. It’s 50% OFF for a limited time!

If you want coordinating bottle wrappers, tent cards, favor tags or a banner, just send me an email and I’ll get to work!

As a special treat, if you purchase the Strawberry Social Party Circles  or Strawberry Social Invitations over the next week, you’ll receive the Strawberry Shortcake Decorative Papers set for FREE! After that, they’ll be $4.00, so don’t wait, summer is coming!

I’d love to hear from hear you! Tell me which invitation design is your fave!



This beautiful summer weather we are having in Southwestern Ontario inspired me today. Inspired me to finish a strawberry themed party invitation. I had a request for some strawberry themed items, so I whipped up this luscious berry. Today I let the sunshine carry me away and the Strawberry Social set is coming along nicely. I’m only going to release an invitation and party circles for now. Well two versions of the invitations because I just couldn’t decide which one I liked  better (designers, does this ever happen to you?). I will get pics taken later this week, but for now I leave you with this. Hope you love them!


{NEW TO SHOP} rock star collection


Back in September, my daughter and her friends partied like rock stars for my girl’s 8th birthday. The fun began weeks earlier with concert ticket invitations, complete with backstage passes. The day started with cool hair, cool accessories, hot tattoo’s, a lot of Rock Band and some cool sweets (edible microphones and pop rock chocolate bark anyone?). The grand finale was a swag bag filled with extra accessories and rocking cool treats. It’s been a long time coming, but now your kids can party like rock stars too! We love crafty Tracey is proud to present the Rock Star Collection DIY Printable Party!

This collection includes everything you need to rock your party! Concert tickets and backstage passes, party circles, bottle wraps and labels for your swag bags. Everything is customizable, you  just send me the info I need to customize your party collection when you order, and all you need to do is print, cut and party like the rock star that you are! The Rock Star Collection is 50 PERCENT OFF, but it’s only for a limited time. Find links to the NEW collection in the Etsy shop below! Now turn up those speakers and rock that mic!

Get your Rock Star Collection here on Etsy!

{NEW TO SHOP} rocketship collection!


Are you ready to blast off into space? I am packed and ready to go with the new DIY Printable Parties Rocketship Collection! This is the second We love crafty Tracey DIY Printable Party for BOYS!! 

If you have an aspiring astronaut dreaming  of his own launch into space, this collection will send him blasting off to the Moon-Saturn-Mars and back again! This collection includes everything you need for initial blast off (invites), orbit (party circles, decor, bottle wraps and more!) and a soft landing back home (loot bag toppers). It’s also customizable, just send me the info I need to customize your party collection when you order, and all you need to do is print, cut and decorate! Time to blast off? Don’t forget to rocket past the shop and grab your Rocketship Collection for 50 PERCENT OFF! It’s only for a limited time. Find links to the NEW collection in the Etsy shop below! Now blast off!

Get your Rocketship Collection HERE on ETSY!

classic vintage holiday collection


I am so excited to (finally!) share with you the full Classic Vintage Holiday Collection {DIY Printable Party}! I am pleased this collection is finished and ready for you, just in case you still need some festive details for your holiday celebrations! This vintage ornament inspired design is perfect for your holiday party. Take a look at all the very merry holiday fun and find links to the NEW collection in the Etsy shop below! Don’t forget, it is ON SALE for 50 PERCENT OFF for a limited time!

Get your Classic Vintage Collection HERE on Etsy!