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Parties | Simple Menus


I love putting a menu out on the table when I host a gathering or party. I always find my guests are super excited to see what dishes I have prepared for them and this always ends up in a convergence on the kitchen with oohs and ahhs and “that smells good, what are you making?” I find a simple menu helps answer this age old question, but I don’t always have the time to layout and print table menus. This is where a giant roll of kraft paper and some washi tape can come in handy!

Check out this fantastic menu from A Fabulous Fete!

A simple sheet of kraft paper cut into a flag. White pencil crayon (seriously, she did this by hand. my scrawl is not so pretty!) and some washi tape at the corners for hanging. Perfect!

If you hve a little more time and some kraft paper bags around, this paper bag menu I found on A Magazine Moment is almost too awesome for words and hit me with inspiration.

Write your menu on a simple kraft paper bag and place one at each place setting. You not only have a menu, you have a ready to go “doggie bag” to send your guests home with extras! Because you know they’re gonna want to take some home. I am so in love with this idea, I just might have to host a gathering of friends.

Do you use menus at your gatherings and parties? What is your favorite way to display a menu?