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Celebrating | Mother’s Day


I have completely dropped the ball on Mother’s Day goodies and crafts this year. I’m not even sure how it came to be Friday already! Really? Friday? Mother’s Day is two days away? This was my realization today, why did I think it was Thursday? I must start preparing for Sunday.

Honestly, for me, preparing for Sunday isn’t going to take very long. Our Mother’s Day celebrations are very simple. No big brunch, just the yearly ritual of breakfast in bed with my girls and lots of snuggles and giggles. A ritual I look forward to every year! I don’t think we’ll ever host a Mothers Day brunch as long as my girls want to snuggle in bed with me over pancakes and coffee and handmade cards. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I like the magic of simple. Of course, I adore and love the quiet time, the clean house, and the trips to the spa, but even without those gifts of love and appreciation, I already feel like one lucky and blessed mama. Every day, every single day, my girls and I express our love for each other. We leave each other love notes, pick flowers, hug and snuggle. There is no doubt that I am very loved. My youngest must deplete the paper supply in her kindergarten classroom professing her love to me in notes and drawings. Those notes and drawings make everyday feel like Mother’s Day. They are free-form, honest and brimming with love with every letter and flower and every heart. Beautiful.

Every few years one of my girls hands me a card they made at school. I have always loved the fill-in-the-blank cards. And that’s what inspired this card, my new freebie for Mother’s Day. My eldest daughter brought home a card like this so many years ago. I kept that card. It was beautiful. Her preschool printing, the honest love, being able to read those things that were most important to my daughter at that time. The things she remembered and held dear. Magical.

And that dear reader, is what I wish for you. That moment when you sit quietly with tears rolling down your smiling face as you read what your child holds most dear, all the ways in which they think you’re amazing. Because tears will flow when you see how amazing you are in the eyes of your child. Please tell me I am not the only one who tears up at moments like this. Please?

I also think there is nothing in the world quite like a personalized card, for any occasion. So forward this to your partner, or just leave this page open on your computer for a little while, so they can head over to Scrib’d and download these fill-in-the blank Mother’s Day cards. And have a fabulously, beautiful Mother’s Day.

for mother’s day


I checked and yes, I am fully prepared for Mother’s Day this Sunday with cards and gifts for all our moms. And now that my new Happy Mother’s Day Collection is up on Etsy, I am fully prepared to set up a sweet little luncheon as well!

How about you? Do you have everything you need to celebrate mom on Sunday? If not, hopefully I can help with this sweet little printable collection of party circles, tent cards and bottle wrappers. Although I’m not only going to wrap bottles with the bottle wrappers, I’m going to use them as napkin rings too! I think they make really sweet napkin rings.

I’m going to place the tent cards in tissue pom flowers at each table setting, but you could also just set them out at each place setting and they will look just as lovely on their own.

What’s in that bag? Dark chocolate smothered caramels and sea salt. Heavenly.

This sweet little Happy Mother’s Day collection is now available in my Etsy shop! And it’s 50% OFF until Mother’s Day! But don’t worry, it’s not going away after Mother’s Day. I think this design is perfect for a birthday party or baby shower, so it’s going to stick around.

Don’t forget to grab the coordinating Happy Mother’s Day Note Cards. They’re available for free on Scribd. Just head to the freebies page to download!

What do you think, would this printable set make a great baby shower or what?


freebie for mother’s day


Finally, a glorious sunny spring day! Is it finally the beginning of spring? Oh goodness, I hope so. I am in love with flowers at the moment, all kinds of flowers, real, tissue, fabric, graphic. So I am ready for the flowers in my garden to grow and bloom. I mean Mother’s Day is literally just around the corner, bring on the hyacinth and hydrangea!

Later today I will be launching a new Happy Mother’s Day printable set in my Etsy shop, but right now I have a coordinating freebie for you, already up on Scrib’d for you to download.

Flowers, told you I was in love with flowers right now 😉

You probably have a little something-something to give your mom on Sunday, but if you’re in need of a card, I’ve got you covered with this little set of 3, one for every mom in your life!

Don’t forget the mom-to-be you know, it really is her first Mother’s Day! I am a firm believer that you become a parent the moment you find out you are pregnant. Because from the moment you become pregnant (or you are told your significant other is pregnant) you begin to make decisions based on the safety and well-being of your baby. You begin to make all those parenting decisions, living for this little being you have yet to meet. Just like a parent.

I’ve already printed mine out for all our moms, my mom and both my mothers-in-law. I think I have a little something-something for all of them too. Hmmm, I better go check.

Download your Happy Mother’s Day Note Cards here on Scribd. You can access the note cards through the freebies page too! And don’t forget to check back later for the coordinating party circles, bottle wraps and tent cards!