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Baby Elephant Invitation now on Scubbly!


The baby elephant with the red balloon is one of our most popular parties! Truth be told, I love it too. There is something about the blue, grey and red and the balloon that is irresistible and I am just honoured and humbled that so many of you feel the same about this sweet little guy. Thank you.

So many of you have emailed me asking if there was a coordinating invitation available for this collection, and for the longest time I just didn’t have one in my Scubbly store that could be instantly downloaded with the rest of the collection. But I’m happy to say, now there is!

Red Balloon - Baby Elephant Invites FIB

The RED BALLOON Baby Elephant Invitation is now available in my Scubbly shop!

I can’t wait for you to see it. Thank you so much for asking!



Parties | A Simple Brunch


Brunch is one of my favorite meals. A perfect blend of breakfast + lunch can include all your favorites in one meal: french toast, fruit, croissant, cucmber + cream cheese sandwiches, throw in a little seafood, apple dumplings and classic cocktails or flavoured seltzers and I am one happy girl. Set a beautiful table and arrange your food nicely on a buffet, hang a tissue paper tassel garland and you have a simple, easy to create party.

I love a simple party with that perfectly homemade look. Not too overdone, simply beautiful in a homespun kind of way yet, almost effortless. That may be why I find myself drawn to this party on A Merry Mishap.


A simple brunch buffet, beautifully laid out and decorated. Love the simple organization of the buffet, love the tassel garland, LOVE the crocheted doily under the cake. Mad love. It’s the simple handmade touches like that which steal my heart away.

For more images of this lovely brunch party, head over to A Merry Mishap.

New To Shop | Cherrylicious


Ready for a little retro goodness? A little retro, cherrylicious goodness? Becuase today I added my new Cherrylicious DIY Printable party to my Etsy shop and it is totally cherrylicious!

I have wanted to create a girlie retro cherry theme for the longest time ever! I have always loved the polka dot and cherry combo, so very girlie, so very 1950s retro, so very rock-a-billy, baking housewife, little girl twirling in a circle skirt that spins above the waistline. Oh yeah! With a bit of feminine scalloped edging and ribbon trim. yes, I think this is it!

This collection makes me want to don my favorite party dress with a pair of peep toe shoes and twirl around serving Shirley Temple’s with a side of cherries jubilee! I think little girls and big girls alike will love a little cherrylicious party. Oh the ways you can spin this collection whether your birthday girl is turning 3 or 30. Cupcakes or cocktails, you choose!

Do you love this collection as much as I do? So girlie, so fun, so makes me want to sit in the grass with a basket of cherries and teach my girls how to knot a cherry stem with your tongue. If only I knew how.

The Cherrylicious DIY Printable Party Collection comes with everything you need to create your own retro girlie party, including party circles, bottle wrappers, banner, tent cards, party flags, favor tags and scrapbooking papers for a little crafting and cupcake wrapping. 

You can grab the entire Cherrylicious Collection in my Etsy shop!

Need some invites to go with that party collection? Invitations are available separately.

I think I just might have to watch CryBaby while I bake a cake. Now where are those peep toes?

a birthday in wonderland


Just sent out the invites to my daughter’s 4th birthday party. Moving into full party planning mode! So happy with how her invites turned out. They are based on th e Alice in Wonderland drawings by Maria L. Kirk, my favorite illustrations of C.S. Lewis’ story. My daughter resembles Maria’s Alice in so many ways, so it really is a perfect fit. I’d love to hear what you think!

halloween dessert table


At last the final bit of Halloween fun! I can hardly believe the season is truly over and yet I am head over heels excited with all the Yule inspired projects coming up. But let’s end the Halloween season with a fabulous display of sweets!

I hope you enjoyed that yummy Halloween feast for the eyes and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

orange and black halloween dessert table


I am finally getting aorund to posting about two Halloween dessert tables I styled over the weekend. This first one was a kid’s table and I have only a few pictures that I was able to take very quickly while a group of hungry children waited in the hallway. I was barely able to get out alive!

The host had a beautiful orange wall in the hallway next to the Great Room, perfect for a Halloween dessert table! The theme for the table was all orange, black and touches of white (recognize those candy cones?). The table was covered in orange, black and white candies: candy corn, orange and black m&ms, jack-o-lantern wrapped chocolate balls, candy sticks, gumballs, candy corn flavoured dots and jack-o-lantern sugar cookies.

Come back later for a peek at another Halloween table complete with glitter and creepy creatures!

crafty tracey loves cake bunting


Last week I gave you a little sneak peek at a wedding I styled over the weekend, so I thought I would give you another sneak peek of the cake topper. I love bunting big and small, but I had never made a bunting this small before!

cake bunting!

I was inspired by a blog post displaying a picture of a cake bunting (and cannot for the life of me find that original post!) and instantly knew it was the perfect topper for the cupcake tower at the wedding. Since I had the perfect colors in my quilting cotton stash, I set to work.

i love cake bunting!

Can I say I just really, really love cake bunting!

Want some cake bunting for your next party? I found this lovely seller on Etsy who sells cake bunting in many colors and patterns. I LOVE cake bunting!

making candy cones


As promised, here is my tutorial for making your own candy cones for your holiday parties! These are super simple to make and are a perfect complement to any party. All you need is some pretty scrapbooking paper, double-sided tape, a hole punch, scissors, and some ribbon.

start rolling the cone
Lay your paper out flat, then start to curl the corner in on itself to start rolling the paper into a cone.

continue rolling

Keep rolling the paper around itself while keeping it nice and tight at the bottom point.

almost finished rolling

As you finish rolling the paper, make sure the bottom point is tightly closed at the bottom. At this point you can manipulate the top of the cone to make the opening bigger or smaller, just make sure the point is closed as you do this. When you have shaped your cone, tear off a piece of double-sided tape and lay it on the inside edge of the paper along the vertical edge yet to be rolled onto the cone.

a perfectly rolled cone

Firmly press the taped edge onto the cone to secure the seam.

finished and taped

This is what your cone will look like when you finish rolling.

trim the top

 Using your scissors, cut the top of the cone straight across to cut off the little triangle of paper leaving a straight finished edge for the final step.

fill with candy!

Fill your cone with your favorite candy.

punching holes

Fold down the top and punch two holes in the center of the cone with your hole punch. Trim the folded edge so the final edge falls just below the punched holes. Thread your ribbon through both of the punched holes and tie into a bow.

candy cones!

Finished candy cones!

candy cones


I have been working on a glamorous Halloween party this week. Although I cannot yet share all the details with you, I can share the candy cones I have been busy making and filling with candy.

I love paper cones for just about every holiday throughout the year. Not only are they a beautiful addition to your decor, they are functional! Filled with candy, popcorn, or small gifts, they are lovely way to display and present treats of all kinds. It also means you get to go shopping for pretty papers and what stationary lover would pass up that oppurtunity? Definitely not me.

I am making these Halloween paper cones ina variety of black, white and grey scrapbooking papers to give this party a bit of a glamorous touch. I think it’s working don’t you?

candy cones

Later this week I’ll post a tutorial so you can make these pretties yourself, right now I have some more cones to craft!

styling sneak peek


Just a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on this evening.

lumina centerpieces

I truly love the fall!