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Easter Crafting


Oh my goodness Easter is less than a week away! I did finish all my shopping last week, so this week I can focus on Easter crafting! Starting with an old family favorite… that didn’t quite happen.

I bought all the supplies: cheese balls, green ribbon, green tissue. The clear, disposable piping bags I already had on hand (we all know I love my piping bag crafts). Then in a moment filled with feelings of inadequacy, I opened those cheese balls and ate them! Well, I shared some with the girls, but I ate them. This is no sad loss, as I was not the only crafty mama who had plans to make piping bag carrots.

I am loving the Goldfish crackers in these “carrots” made by Party On! Event Planning and Design. Goldfish work perfectly! And I do love those tags.

I love making these Easter carrots as gifts for my girls, nephews and nieces as an alternative to chocolate and jelly beans (truth be told, I really dislike most jelly beans. I am a solid Jelly Belly Beans girl!). They offer a little savory amongst a world of sweet, and they are perfect for portable snacking. Perfect for those Easter parties in the classroom, yes?

I will have to get more cheese balls… or Goldfish.