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creepy food week day 4


Yesterday my daughter asked me for batwing quesadilla’s. How much do I love that? TONNES! I love that she has favorite Creepy Food Week dishes and that she looks forward to Creepy Food Week every year. I adore my family and I adore that they just go with and embrace their mama’s crazy ideas. So in honor of my daughter’s love for tex-mex and my yearning to do something new, last night (yes this post is up a little late) I crispy fried some bat wings and forced a pumpkin to puke. Yes, yes I did.

Last night’s dinner: Crispy Fried Batwing Nacho’s with a side of Pumpkin Puke.

Yes, you heard me right, pumpkin puke. It took a lot to get that pumpkin to puke. You don’t want to know what I HAD to do. Pumpkins. Strong constitution. Who knew?

Can you see the bat? I added some bat eyes to the mix, you know, for a little texture. Can you see them?

And since my husband and I like our bat wings spicy, I added some green dragon livers to our plates for a little heat.

Truthfully, these are straight up taco seasoned burger and black bean nachos with blue corn nacho chips. And the pumpkin puke? My homemade guacamole with fresh cilantro.

My eldest daughter took one look at the pumpkin puke and said “that looks really good mum, but seriously, it’s kinda gross.” All the while jumping into a picture to give the pumpkin bunny ears. But I’m not allowed to show you that picture, she said so.

My youngest daughter, a huge fan of guacamole,  plopped herself on the chair and promptly yelled “I love that green stuff!” Not one to be turned off by fancy Creepy Food Week names, she’s no fool.

This was by far, the most enjoyed meal of the week. The girls spent meal time squishing their bat eyeballs and making eyeball and puke nacho sandwiches, laughing the entire time. When faced with something creepy you just gotta laugh.

Are you enjoying Creepy Food Week? Tell me, what is your favorite Creepy Food Week meal so far? I’d love to hear!